Are You Over 50 & Want to Travel the World

Or even just indulge in some form of long haul travel.

Well what’s stopping you?

I think this would be the first question I would ask.



When I first stepped out of the country to traverse the globe with my husband. I was fast approaching 40.  Our children were 11 & 13. It took the near death of a marriage and a need for personal healing to give me the push. It turned out to be the best thing I have ever done in my lifetime and I was lucky enough to experience it with my family. I felt privileged. As if it were a gift.

It spurred me on to keep travelling and revisit long haul favourites such as Australia and New Zealand but has also led me to create my own itineraries and  European Instant Escape ideas to share with readers. It’s the very reason I started this blog.


The Over 50’s make up almost half of all adults in the UK. Presently there are 21.6 million over 50’s. The figure is projected to increase to 25 million. (50% of the adult population) by 2020. 

Source: Travel Weekly Magazine. 9th April 2015.

What would your choice be on how you travel?

Would you prefer to do this independently or would you be keen on connecting with a tour operator/travel agent to help you with your trip. Bridge the World caters for the long haul mature traveller and there is a website SilverTravelAdvisor which offers information, reviews and advice, especially for the over 50 traveller.

I prefer to travel independently, although as the trend continues for booking travel and holidays online, I’d now consider chatting with an independent travel agent to see how they compare. Sometimes it may be cheaper than what I could book independently. I think I am finding within me an urge to buck the trend!

I would visit a Tour Operator if I needed to build a bespoke or tailor-made itinerary including flights. I would be expecting an excellent level of customer service, sound product knowledge and passion, when assisting me creating my hearts desire. Otherwise I can do the legwork – or should I say fingerwork on the web!

Australia has consistently been one of my favourite long haul destinations and with good reason.

Tourism Australia research and statistics has shown that UK residents want  to visit this country because:

  • It is a safe destination to visit
  • Good food, wine, local cuisine and produce
  • Interesting attractions to visit
  • A destination which offers value for money
  • History and Heritage
  • Friendly and open citizens and hospitality
  • World class beauty and natural environments
  • Flights with no stop-overs


I could go on…

Where would your ideal long haul holiday destination be or what route would you like to travel, now you have the time?

* Thanks to my hubby for the use of his photographs on this occasion!

5 thoughts on “Are You Over 50 & Want to Travel the World

  1. Yes, I am over 50 and want to travel the world! I live in Australia and without hesitation, London is always my long haul flight destination choice. I love London and explore a little more of it each time I visit. It is such a colourful and multi-layered city and it makes for a perfect base from which to explore other countries.


      1. It is ☆ To be able to enjoy life and travel the world is such a wonderful thing and to get money for doing it is even more delicious! I would love to tell you more, if you would like to know ☆☆☆

        I wish you a beautiful day ☆


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