The Ease of Travelling Between London and Paris by Eurostar

When Vince and I first thought about where to visit to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, Paris was one of the destinations which came to mind. Many times Vince had spoken about whisking me here on a romantic break and on our last trip to France – which saw us travelling on a self-drive, camping holiday to Spain. It was out of our way.

ease of travelling between London to ParisI wondered if we would ever visit-what is sometimes touted as- the city of lovers. A place so close to our home. We were interested in the ease of travelling between Paris and London by Eurostar.  We live in Southend on Sea. Only an hour away from London by our train link.

We have voyaged to the antipodes, but never travelled the short distance to Paris.

With Eurostar operating up to 18 daily services from London St Pancras International to Paris. Return fares from £69 and us having never crossed the channel by tunnel and train. We decided it might be fun to see if we could get tickets on the fastest London-Paris train. It’s journey time just 2 hr 15 minutes.

Top Tip:

  •  On Eurostar you can carry two pieces of luggage – up to 85 cm long and 1 piece of hand luggage. There is no weight restriction.  You just have to be able to carry your own bags onto the train.
  • Child fares-(4-11) start from £49 return and children under 4 years-old travel free (not allocated a seat) 1 piece of luggage-up to 85 cm long and 1 piece of hand luggage is allowed. No seat and baggage allowance for under 4.ease of travelling between London and Paris by Eurostar
 Photo above courtesy of Vince Stringer

I made a decision to contact Eurostar, be a bit cheeky and ask, as it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I am a Travel Blogger, would they be able to offer any complimentary tickets. My thinking being, the ease of travelling between Paris and London made this a number 1 choice for us and that possibly, they may offer me a reduced rate on one standard seat and we would  buy the other.  Imagine my surprise – when I received an e-mail back from their representative, informing me, that as we were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary, it would be Eurostar’s kind gesture, to provide us with two complimentary tickets, which is not their normal procedure. Imagine even more so, when on receipt of these tickets, I found out we had been given two Business Premier tickets, which are normally priced at £490 return.


The ease of travelling between London to Paris by Eurostar

I found out that Business Premier Customers can enjoy fully flexible fares, 10 minute express check- in, business lounge access (which I looked forward too) and we would get to taste the onboard menu (couldn’t wait) created by Chef Raymond Blanc. The perfect working environment on board for any business person or simply for us – a couple of tourists wishing to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary in a special way.

This was the moment I realised that I had been married, longer than I had been single. An interesting fact!

the ease of travelling between London to Paris on Eurostar

Knowing that the Eurostar tickets offer much more than just travel, with 2 for 1 entry to some of Europe’s most popular museums and galleries in Paris, Lille and Brussels.

I found out that we would simply need to present our Eurostar ticket, to take advantage of 2-for-1 entry into paying exhibitions. This I thought might be a handy extra, as we decided what to visit and where to go during our extremely short stay. I was also interested in Eurostar’s environmental credentials. The company statement that ‘train travel is faster and greener than flying.’ Got me thinking.

The ease of travelling between London to Paris on Eurostar

Photo above courtesy of Vince Stringer

We were leaving on the 11.31 am train from London St Pancras on Monday and would be leaving Paris around the same time on Wednesday. Quickness and ease of travel, was all important to us. So there were many factors, which made this our No 1 choice on this occasion. The ease of travelling between London and Paris by Eurostar the main one.

In my next post I will tell you more about the journey, dishes on the menu and on/off board hospitality. Sharing a little more about how travelling by Eurostar can enable you to connect with onward travel and accommodation easily, in the city of Paris.

 *Tickets are available from or call 0344 8224 777

5 thoughts on “The Ease of Travelling Between London and Paris by Eurostar

    1. I felt very thankful to be able to try out business class on Eurostar-it was very kind of them. Thanks for the congratulations 🙂 I’ll be telling more stories about my journey and our stay this week on the blog! 🙂

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  1. There is no better place to celebrate your wedding anniversary than Paris. The pictures look beautiful and I’m quite sure that you guys had an amazing time in Europe. I admire your writing skills and I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us.


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