Having a Blast at San Blas Tenerife.

Sandos. Tenerife

The last time Vince (my husband) and I flew out of the country to holiday alone, was before giving birth to our first child.  With our youngest now turned 18,  and as we are in the UK for the time being, we thought maybe it was about time to enjoy a quick pre-christmas break at the reasonably priced San Blas eco resort, on the island of Tenerife, before all the madness of christmas hits us back in England.

I felt anxious initially, on a couple of levels. The first because I was leaving my children here. Although I knew it was only for a few days and they are both old enough to take care of themselves, this was the first time going away without my youngest. It brought up similar feelings as to when we were leaving the UK to move to NZ and our son decided to stay in England.

My daughter said to me, the night before we flew. ” Have fun.”

At the time, I couldn’t even contemplate fun. That would come later. In the moment I was feeling what it meant to me emotionally, to leave my children. (Even if for the shortest amount of time.) For some reason going overseas on a trip without them, felt different to taking a short break in this country. I don’t know why though.

Secondly, I was anxious about staying in one place. Usually we travel as both Vinnie and I have never really enjoyed going on ‘holiday,’ but we really needed a short break somewhere warm. IMG_0619So much had happened since we returned to the UK this time, that a holiday was sorely needed by us both. A bit of alone time.

San Blas turned out to be the perfect choice. Matthew Hirtes owner of Gran Canaria Local.com suggested the all-inclusive Sandos resort, when I asked him about finding somewhere a little different to stay on the island. I wanted to see if the opinion I’d formed when staying in Playa de las Americas the last time we visited the island could be changed. I hadn’t enjoyed it much – the constant approach of restaurant touts, the type of shops and pubs available around the marina I didn’t enjoy, it felt a little like being in an English seaside resort.  This time we were to try Atlantic Ocean scuba diving, something a little different and boy did my view change. With San Blas playing a major part.


Our room and its view out onto the pool, framed a terracotta picture of multi leveled accommodation and island vegetation. With up to 500 rooms, the resort with its intricately swerving levels, allowed us to feel like we were staying somewhere intimate and quiet.

The hydro massage bath I was contemplating relaxing my weary muscles in, looked out onto the balcony through a sheer glass window, allowing me to snuggle deep into the water and still give me a great view. The additional rattan sliding doors, a real plus for privacy if needed and the bubble bath, shower gel and aloe vera body milk, a nice touch. I would have preferred large bath sheets to wrap my frame in, after the divine pummeling my body took at the hands of the bubbles but made do with the smaller bath towels on offer and the robe provided to rest in.

Tenerife hotels

The black out blinds allowed for a pitch black night sleep and the thick glass of the patio doors, blocked out any aircraft noise occasionally heard, although in some ways it felt comforting, our location so close to the airport. No route flew directly above the hotel and after connecting with the Deputy Manager at the start of our trip, he assured us that plane noise shouldn’t disturb our relaxing stay.

Both Vince and I appreciated the attentive communication shared with us by Mr Gil and observed him taking his time with many other guests during the course of our stay. Nothing seemed to much trouble.

My view of the island was starting to adapt. I wondered what would come next!

Have you ever stayed in San Blas, Tenerife?

I’d love to know your thoughts…

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