Bourgee Restaurant. One of The Places to Eat in Southend on Sea

As the lobster filled brioche, sprinkled with caviar, kissed my lips. I fell in love with the concept of Bourgee restaurant.

Southend on Sea

Nestling inbetween Chef Mark Baumann. British Master Chef & Co-Owner of Bourgee restaurant & Jean-Christophe Novelli. Another well known Chef and owner of The Academy Cookery School UK.  I drunk in the moment and hoped the culinary talent of these two Gentleman Chefs, would somehow rub off on me. Before once again they disappeared, mingling with other guests.

Southend on Sea

I looked forward to the evening ahead. Especially the luscious, succulent lobster and steak canapés, as I watched them weightily rolled out of the kitchen. Held in the hands of Bourgee’s efficient and friendly, down to earth waiting staff. Thank you Callum Wallace and Sarah Lovegrove for being great sports with our teasing and my desire to take a photograph of any delicacy making its way over to our corner.

Although the popularity of the dishes on offer, meant there were moments when the lobster balls or steak bites, had disappeared before even arriving. I think Bourgee restaurant can become one of the places to eat in Southend on Sea.

Southend on Sea

Jake Smith and Charlotte Wright did a grand, hospitable job of keeping our groups, glasses filled.

I heard another guest state. “This place has a great vibe.”

I completely agreed, as the champagne flowed freely and I did my best to not spend too much time, contemplating the cost of the drinks bill at the end of the evening.

I think a few of us locals have questioned whether or not, placing a restaurant of this calibre at the focal point on the main stretch of Southend Seafront, was a wise decision – knowing the element of character which can sometimes be drawn out, of drunken personalities late at night, along our little sunset strip. Yet I like to think it places an element of trust into Southend on Sea’s realm. That we are more than what we have become and the owners of Bourgee have an insight that many may not – they see the potential future of Southend on Sea and have been willing to step up and invest in their vision.

Southend on Sea

Now, I’m not known as your social butterfly-well not anymore anyway-but my buddy Sonia did a grand job of keeping me in the loop and introducing me to some interesting others. The Deputy Mayor of Southend being one of them. The lovely Californian Stacy, who I found entertaining and charming and Kevin who made me promise to give a shout out to the longstanding Southend Rugby Club – ruling a long and proud history in our town, dating back to 1870.

See Kevin, I told you I would!

Southend on SeaThe Cardiff Contractors – RDD Contract Interiors – whom a couple of we met outside the luxe restrooms (like you do) and whom Sonia and I enjoyed a long and interestingly passionate conversation about the refit within. Further embedded our understanding of the love and care, Bourgee seems to be born out of. The enjoyment they felt at creating the interior with the Owners was clear to see and expressly defined in every word spoken.

Southend on Sea

At the end of the day, or should I say-the end of the evening-we’d experienced good fun, fallen in love a little deeper with chilled champagne. Made a couple of new friends, tried a sublime tapestry of gourmet canapés, all set in a sumptuous interior.

I wish the best to Bourgee. Can’t wait to feast my eyes on the restaurant menu and just wish I could remember the name, of the little red teardrop bursts of spicy sweetness, exploding each time I bit into them.

Chef Baumann. Please put me out of my misery…

Bookings for tables can be made on Bourgee Restaurants Website.

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