All about Oz


I have this urge, a kind of building desire.

I want us to visit the land of Oz once again. It’s only been a few short months since I last scrabbled my toes in its sandy shoreline, but there is something about Australia’s deep red soil, which appeals to my soul.


Could it be the vast antipodean landscape. The feeling of freedom and connection to my childhood (provided by Flipper, Skippy and school geography classes in the 70’s or tales my Mother use to tell me of £10 poms) that I encounter when there – tapping into happy memories, maybe not always readily accessible to my conscious mind but held somatically somewhere within my body, promoting a sense of well-being and joy whenever I visit.


The body-mind I think is a powerful tool.

How is this going to happen for us?(I don’t know, is the answer to the first half of this question) and how do you plan a trip like this (this I do know how to do)

These are my first six steps:

  • Create an intention – Travel to Australia: land in Darwin, hire or buy a car, tent and camping gear. Travel from Darwin through Litchfield National Park, across Highway 1 to the west. Travel from Broome to Perth along the coast, finding the most suitable accommodation along the way, camping as much as possible to keep the cost down. Trying out new experiences – Scuba Ningaloo Reef, Horse ride in the outback. Get in the glass cage of death at Crocosaurus, observing up close and personal captive crocodiles – see these beautiful creatures once again in the wild. Swim under a waterfall in Litchfield National Park. I know there is so much more and it needs a lot more exploration. 


  • Place a map on your wall. (I’m going to be hunting for mine in the cupboard, I know it’s in there somewhere and then it will be beside me, giving us a constant reminder of the land down under.)

On a previous journey we covered 5454 km driving time on Australian roads and highways, starting at Darwin then driving to Cairns, onward down the east coast until we reached Sydney. In future posts of this series, I’ll share some of the places we travelled to and through as we made our way on our great Australian road trip.


This time we intend to cover the distance of 4298 km, again by road, starting in the Northern Territory, making our way down the west coast finishing up in Perth.

  •  Go buy a travel guide (or borrow one from the library, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel) I have my trusty, well thumbed, Lonely Planet Guide ‘Australia’ to hand, enabling me to gain a rough idea of costs, expenses and trip prices.
  1. Start to envisage what you would like to achieve and where you want to go.


  1. Submerge yourself in all things Australian.  I shall be reading Land’s Edge. A Coastal Memoir by author Tim Winton to get the feel of Western Australia from an australian perspective.
  1. Then relax…



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