All about Oz – Darwin


I don’t know about you, but I always find airports to be a lot smaller in reality than I thought they would be and find sometimes the more intimate they are, the better the feel and the more I like them – Darwin International Airport turned out to be one of these.

Flying from Changi Airport,  Singapore to Darwin Australia, isn’t in itself a slog but flying with Jetstar airlines can be a bit trying. The flight takes around 5 hours, which is fine in itself, yet I found that the amount of space in-between rows, to be quite restrictive. So much so, that on entering our flight,  I actually thought about leaving the plane immediately. I didn’t feel confident that if anything happened, I would have a chance of surviving. Pure and simply because the space was tight and small, the seats in front were incredibly close to our faces, providing  me with a claustrophobic feeling. Plus I really didn’t like the leather seats.

The plus side of jetstar is the price. If you wanted to fly from Singapore to Darwin(one way) at the end of this month (August 2013) it would cost you roughly SGD 118 around £60 which is pretty good value to get to the Land of Oz from Asia. This can open up your travel options, as trains through Asia are incredibly cheap, meaning you can save your money and spend it on the things you really want to.

Like getting out and about in and around Darwin.

One of the attractions that I know my husband and Son want to try out is the Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove – it’s inner city location means that it is easy to get to. I am trying to build up the courage to get up close and personal with these beautiful and magnificent creatures but am more inclined to once again take to a boat trip on the Yellow Water Billabong to view these incredible creatures hunting in the wild from a little more distance.


Our first trip with Yellow Water Cruises  enabled us to sit and observe a croc, lying low and still in the water, next to a school of fish. Finally attacking and catching his breakfast. It was an amazing spectacle to watch and one I’d love to see again.


The commentary, length of the trip and sights and wildlife we saw, made this something I would never want to forget and the palette of the wild, painted a picture not even John Banovich  could replicate, such was it’s beauty.


Where have you been in Darwin that you’d love to go again?

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