New Zealand. A Place to Visit for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Travelling to New Zealand from the UK in one long leap, can be a very arduous journey, if you are unprepared, but one of the things that travelling this distance gives you, is the opportunity to create some much needed space between you and your everyday life and with this distance can come the possibility of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Airports New Zealand

I know when I travelled here, it gave my mind the amplitude it sorely needed. The South Island providing the natural beauty and solace necessary, to allow me to disengage from all that had been going on, within my life and community in England.

Not limiting ourselves to staying in one location, for the duration of our stay, allowed the raw beauty of this country to niggle its way beneath my skin and settle itself deep within my belly.

Its natural beauty is not something that can reasonably be described – and from having visited the country myself, I discovered not even photographs, really do it justice. This is a country that needs to be seen and visited personally, to enable the alignment of all your senses to come into being.

Shotover River

The fresh crisp smells, combined with the vastness of space and quiet you encounter when standing atop a mountain, or walking the banks of a lake, is only equaled by standing Oceanside – whether it is on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in a location on the north island, like the Coromandel Peninsular or the desolation of the South Islands west coast – in a place like Ships Creek, as the Tasman Sea laps on its wide sandy beach.

Coromandel Penninsular

I cannot describe what it is like to bungy jump here or skydive – life seems to have provided me with enough experiences over the years, to have me pumping adrenalin without to much need to experience myself this way, but if you choose to do this – it will allow you to feel your aliveness on a completely different level and there are ample opportunities in many different places on both islands for you to participate in – the one I would like to try is the Great White Shark Cage Dive off Stewart Island. I’ve never used any of the companies but would love to know the experience of others, if any of you have tried it here.

New Zealand

For me – relaxation and rejuvenation is a very physical thing. I like to be on the go, busy daily but with space. New Zealand provides an endless interesting display in both flora and fauna. The topography and geography of this antipodean location, if taken in a daily dose, offers a restorative medicine like no other country I’ve visited. If you do enjoy laying on a sun lounger whilst pouring over sweeping vistas-then this is also the place. One thing I came away learning about this little country residing in the middle of Oceania, is that it really does seems to have something for everyone.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand. A Place to Visit for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

    1. Hi Anna,
      Thanks for visiting 🙂 I’ve just looked up the flying time from NY – to NZ. Approx 18 hours. This would be my suggestion if you wanted to make the most of the extended travel and break down the flying time and expense. How about Amtrak from NY to San Francisco (then you get to see some of your beautiful country – although this trip does take 4 days – San Fran to Hawaii. This flight, if I remember rightly is around 5 hours and what a wonderful stop off. Then Hawaii to NZ should be around 9 hours. This would be one of those trips to take on a RTW ticket, I think to decrease the cost or I know that would be the cheapest way to do it in the UK most likely. It is an amazing country and well worth a visit.


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