The Four Seasons of Southend Seafront

Frost on Beach huts
Spring is one of my favourite times of year walking along the beaches belonging to Southend. The nip in the air. The potential for change just on the doorstep and the sweeping calm which seems to arise from this spectacular time of year. Early morning is definitely one of my favourtie times to walk as the frost sits gently on the beach hut rooves.

Southend in Summer
Saturday was our summer solstice and although the weather marks the beginning of our warmest period. This day also reminds me that slowly the nights will begin to get shorter and autumn will eventually begin lapping at our heels. I feel so much joy at the kids finally being able to comfortably frolic in the clear water of the estuary. This day was a good day – I could see approximately 5 foot in depth.


southend in Autumn
Who would not fall in love with the little town of Southend on Sea with autumnal sunsets like these, to experience on a regular basis. They even rival sunsets I have seen around the world – from Thailand to Fiji. Oz to NZ.
The Season of Winter
In the mist you hear a ship foghorn, the sound reverberate around the town. There is something deeply magical about the little seafront on a morning like this. One of the most amazing things I have achieved in my life was to swim in the estuary on Christmas Morning. In swimsuit and woolly hat, I felt the cold penetrate my bones. The water cooling my core temperature and reducing me to tears at the thought of my teenagers being at home alone on this day (albeit only for a couple of hours.) One thing I love about winter swimming is the feeling that arises when I step out of the sea, wrap a warm towel with hot water bottle around me. It is a freedom from my body – no longer can I feel my physical self but feel as if I am a bubble floating in the ether. On my return home, I dive into a warm bath and lie still – my mind in silence as I return once again to myself and connect fully with my physicalness. Winter swimming is an amazing experience.

Which of the Seasons is your favourite?

As always,

I’d love to know your thoughts…


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