When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

I’ve sat today updating my Resumé – putting life into context and thinking about my core competencies & skills. ( I like to think all forms of communication is a particularly strong one) I have given everything I have to creating financial success out of my writing and have not quite achieved what I wanted before reaching the point where I need to sort myself out a job!

Thanks to resumé Australia who contacted me to ask if I wanted my CV looked at, which I thought couldn’t hurt – even if we do live in different countries and they pointed out a few things to me from an external perspective which I had missed like ‘Your information is all over the place.’ That one made me twitch a bit and ‘You’re CV is not effective in representing you in the best light.’ had me sitting down in front of my laptop to once again peruse this damned document.

I’m unsure as to how I’m moving forward and what doors are going to open to me – hopefully sooner rather than later, but using their feedback, which also told me by the way that I have, ‘real quality experience and a strong career history.’ I began to check out how I had lived my life since 1989 from a career perspective.

Things I learnt today:

I seem to run in seven-year cycles, which has interested me quite a bit and have been able to make sense of myself today, in a way which I haven’t been able to do for a little while now, with all the endings happening in my life.

In the last seven years I have struck out independently, diligently attempting to build a  successful writing career. Writing two manuscripts – (one I edited down from 126.000 words to 86.000) I never knew that I had so much inside me to put on paper. I’ve written Akia the Aardvark  – a childrens book about getting rid of nightmares and ‘On Becoming a Mother’ (A Boys Own Story). A cross fiction manuscript about exploring the arctic tundra, with an imaginary explorer man by my side (inspired by Ben Fogle and James Cracknell on their Race to the Pole) which came in the top 10 of a Publishers competition. I wrote Travel with the Strings. A Personal Journey about our world travels, on our return to the UK. Jennifer Barclay the Travel Editor of Summersdale Publishers said this about the manuscript:

‘I love the synopsis and many times the writing was really compelling and honest.’

I knew I could never move forward with my life until I had written out from inside of me, all the wonders of the physical, emotional and spiritual adventure that travelling the world to heal myself, whilst putting back together a marriage and rebuilding a dented family unit brought to life.

I’ve created my very own travel blog and discovered that the computer is a fantastic tool and social media can create instantly fantastic ways to connect with friends, customers and strangers and it can also drain you of your kinetic energy if you’re not careful. I’ve made a Canadian penfriend from Kath Goswell – of My Life After Kids, and the amazing Amber Spires in New Jersey USA, who i’ve worked with on amberSpire.com as Regional Editor. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to talk to her or Gabi Klaf in Israel or even connect with my favourite writer Elizabeth Gilbert online and in person at the South Bank Centre.

Yet as I put my life in the context of my Resumé,  the most satisfying things I am realising that I have done in my life have not necessarily been the things I wanted most, at a young age, personally. Bringing up my family has definitely been the most satisfying thing achieved overall and it has taken blood sweat and tears and a commitment to become the kind of Mother I always wanted to be and realised in working towards that, I had become the person inside I always was.

Personal Development

Home educating my children as teens and watching them grow into adults who are forging their own directions in life. One as a Professional Freerunner in the entertainment industry and the other within the Scuba Diving Industry- tells me all that effort I put in was worth it. The lack of sleep, the insecurity of at times not knowing the right thing to do. The effort and mistakes, regrets and triumphs are stored within the cells of my body-the wiring of my brain and the pulsating beat of my heart. I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it and from my perspective and place on the journey – I didn’t. These all  became clear as I constructed my life in a CV.

As I wrote, I reflected on my drive and persistence – dynamic personality and leadership skills. Interpersonal relationships and skills which have grown and developed over the years. Even if I feel a little uncomfortable putting it out there in this way – but hey – if I don’t give myself a big shout out, who will!

I’m able to see my community spirit in the way I have raised funds in many different ways – from abseiling down my local Civic Centre. To pitching, influencing and creating sponsorship and funding to decorated the 8 roomed baby unit in Southend Hospital. Co-hosting an Auction Ball, raising funds for a Youth Football Club and a local Special Needs school bring happy memories. As does swimming in the Thames Estuary on Christmas Day one year – leaving me in tears when my children didn’t want to come down and stayed at home instead.

Counselling has caused me the most pain in some ways – as my awareness has grown during both training, practice and lecturing on the subject, just after my fathers, Nan’s and Husbands Nan’s death and the terminal cancer experienced by my mother in law before she passed away. Becoming alone as both my parents had died, meant a painful and disruptive reorganisation of my life. Then the breakdown of my marriage added another painful twist to fuel and herald in the changes. Counselling offered the most profound and engaging experience in my lifetime, as I became more aware of how the workings of our psyches manifest our lives and being able to connect with others in my life and through the work on such a deep level that it has been a privilege and a god given gift I believe. But that’s just me. There have been moments when I’ve caught my mind steering me back towards it because of the inspirational vocation that it is – but I don’t know if that’s right. Has the moment gone – my time in this career, past. Is it the right thing for me to do long-term to help me build a happy life and steer me towards that tent village I ultimately want to own in New Zealand.


Travelling has been my own personal therapy and way to connect me with my happiness and I have spent christmas at the top of a Swiss mountain tobogganing with the people I love most in the world and travelled to Australia and New Zealand bringing to life my childhood dream with not just my husband but my children also. Many people want to travel alone but my joy has been in being able to share it with my family.

I could go on but I wont – I need to spend a few moments in silent reflection and wish myself well. So for the time being all I can do is keep up my job search and find out what life has in store for me, in the next 7 years.

How do you review your life’s challenges and changes.

Tell me. Because as always, I’d love to know your thoughts…

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