Is part of Being the solution, knowing the right question to ask in the first place?


“What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes.”   Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

I’ve been wracking my brains to uncover, whether or not my blog should develop into finding itself a niche area – which is the best way to do it – or so I’m told by the marketing men.

I’m on my fourth digestive, eaten with a cup of tea, as I attempt to consider all the possibilities or potentialities.

I wonder should I keep questioning what is the overarching theme of my writing. Which of course, is another way of looking at it.

What do you think?

I know my web address:

My blog title: String Theory

Even My saying: escape the problem by BEING the solution.

Sounds sorted huh!

The thing is, I think I don’t want to be defined.

I think I need to let it unfold naturally – like a lotus blossom. (Don’t be sick just yet.)

What I know is:

Everything is so easy when I’m travelling, things become clearer.


At the moment it’s not and I’m not.

The further I stretch my legs away from the UK, the happier I feel and the more I realise that as my children grow, so I desire to spend more time in my world and out in the world

I realise I’m learning something new.

I’m not an empty-nester.

I’m a re-sorter, re-designer. A Creator in my own world.

The further I explore, the more I think the solution is: knowing when to lean back and when to step forward.

I’ve leant back.

I want to step forward now.


What problem are you trying to escape?

 Maybe I can help You, BE your own solution…

5 thoughts on “Is part of Being the solution, knowing the right question to ask in the first place?

  1. A very beautifully written post!!! I live in Australia (Cairns, have you been?) and am currently trying to save to travel overseas. I already have wanderlust, which I relieve by travelling to the magnificent places that are close by that I am yet to discover all the time, but I’m hoping to gain the same mindset as you once I do hit the world one day.
    . . . .one day . . . . .


    1. Thank you Simone. I truly appreciate your comment. 🙂 I have been to Cairns – it will come up on All about Oz – my australian series on my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there – we stayed just outside at Trinity Beach. Just one step at a time – when I was younger I didn’t have the guts to go very far although I wanted to and now I consider myself a person attempting to find a way forward with a grown family but a nomadic tendency! Take care.


    2. Why not start travelling in your own country, maybe one step at a time whilst you save. If you live in Cairns then Arlie beach isn’t too far away. That’s a great place to spend a weekend. We stayed in a holiday park that had beautiful blue butterflies, goanas, was just up the road from the little town – where you can take a day cruise to the Whitsundays… all in a weekend!!


      1. Ooh yes I am already doing day trips around Cairns, trying to stick to nature as it is cheapest and great therap for me. But I’m trying to be patient and instead of spending money on fuel to get to those places nearby all the time, I’m trying to sit at home and do nothing in an effort to save monies, ha ha!
        I used to live in Townsville before this so have been and done Airlie. Is the park you speak of Earlandos?


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