Retreat to the Simple Luxury of an Agrotourism Hotel in Ibiza

On our whirlwind tour of Ibiza, the one constant both Vince and I enjoyed, was our stay at Can Pujolet. Expecting temperatures of 21/22° and experiencing scorching days rising up to 26°, retreating into the simple luxury of this agrotourism hotel, set in red earth and surrounded by pine forest and agricultural land, allowed us to enjoy the stunning views, and make the most of the facilities available.

Can Pujolet

 Wandering around the property we were able to appreciate the spring meadow, the wild lavender wafting its heady scent as I rubbed its blossom through my fingers, the gorgeous bougainvillea climbing its way up the side of the accommodation. The tweeting of the birds as they flew from one tree to another and the splendid silence of nature. Although only 30 minutes away from busy Ibiza town and 9 km away from San Antonio, it was as if we were in another, deeply loved world.

In spring, the morning sunshine is tinged with a cool breeze and eating the freshly prepared breakfast (which is served from 9am onward) in the cafe/bar terrace next to the pool, I needed my jumper when sitting under the shaded terrace.

Pool side terrace

My first morning breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs but on the second morning, I wanted to try something traditional and so Michaela cooked a Spanish tortilla – filled with potato and very filling. On the third morning, Vince asked for scrambled eggs and Marina suggested a french omelette. On her return, this enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant member of staff, looked at us both – waiting for our approval. This scrambled omelette was filled with spring onion, flat leaf parsley and cooked jamon – it was fragrant and filling. As this was our last morning, we could not resist the croissants on offer, or the home made prune jam, to try with them.


The breakfast  – consisting of eggs and bacon, cold meats and cheeses. Pastries, cereals and flans are all served with freshly picked and squeezed orange juice (you’ll never go back to buying a carton of the stuff again!) coffee, traditional or herbal tea.

By late afternoon, which is normally the time we returned, the breeze had disappeared and whilst I made the most of the privacy of our very own sun terrace, with two sun-loungers and table and chairs. I soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed the view. I fell in love with our balcony area – parking the car at the side of the building, walking round the back, I could climb the stairs and enter our room by this door, or enter the hotel entrance and come in that way. The garden at the back I made the most of in the mornings, laying on the white covered cushions as the sun tempted me with its trickling rays  as they flitted in and out of the tree branches and canopy cover.


 Vince headed down to the pool, to take a dip in the cool, clean water. Enjoy the surroundings and if he had wanted, relax in the quiet zone, under the covered canopy, whilst in the Jacuzzi.

All the rooms are individual in character – with hairdryer, tv, WiFi. Bath gels and shampoo are  set out in the bathroom. As are clean, fluffy white towels. Pool towels area thoughtful addition  in the rooms also. The rooms were spotless and cleaned and refreshed daily, unobtrusively. The only thing I would have liked in our room, would have been a kettle and some coffee or tea. Sitting out on the terrace with a cuppa before breakfast would have been nice.

Can Pujolet

ibiza HotelsI loved ours because it faced the back of the property and offered me the privacy I enjoy – although the room next door, also connects to their balcony alongside, so their may at times be others around. Yet there are many secluded and private places in the grounds where you can spend a little time alone, if you require. Some rooms have an excellent view of the pool, where another is tucked away beneath it overlooking the meadow. On Can Pujolet’s website there is the price-list for the accommodation and also the special offers available.

We did receive one night free in exchange for an article and a further two nights at a slightly reduced rate but Can Pujolet is well worth the indulgence anyway. A  whirlwind break like we had, can be enough to restore depleted batteries and a connection with nature. Which to me are the more important things in life and I am always free to express my own personal opinion, on my blog about the places we visit, activities we do and the accommodation we stay in.

Our flights were booked with Norwegian Air. Flying from Gatwick Airport. These were superb and the attitude of staff was considerate and helpful on this low cost airline. The bar code automated check in at Gatwick made life simple.

Sunsets when flying

The sunset we were lucky enough to romantically experience, over a glass of wine, obviously not down to them but I couldn’t help but share it also with a member of the cabin crew, as so many passengers on the flight seemed to take no notice. The last time I saw a blood red sky as beautiful, was in the outback of Australia. I was momentarily taken there to magical memories. As the flight Attendant  bobbed down to see, he looked me in the eye and said,

” I’m lucky enough to see this every night.” One reason I thought to take on a job such as his.

At this time of year our flight cost £49.50 (£35.90 out + £13.60 return) with Norwegian Air. London Southend Airport is running easyjet flights to Ibiza starting this May, with the cost of an outward flight in August coming in at as little as £30.49 on some days and return flights can be as low as £85.00. A great time to visit Ibiza from my point of view would be spring or September. If you enjoy the quieter side of life. Can Pujolet is open all year round and all rooms have heating as well as air conditioning.

Depending on whether or not you need to drive to your airport, can get a lift or work out some other way to travel to and from, you don’t need to book outbound and return flights for the same place. Think outside the box a little and you can probably have a wonderful holiday and save a heap load of money. Ibiza offers all style of accommodation.

I’ve learnt, a little research goes a long way.

We booked our hire car via Norwegian Airlines website. The cost of our Fiat Panda was £20 for 3 days and booked with Centurio – a large and well known spanish car hire firm. Our fuel tank was full and we had to return it full. We ended up using about a half a tank of petrol which cost us around £20 to replace but some Ibiza car hire firms charge you for a full tank whether or not you use it – so choose who you use, as wisely as possible. There are many different car hire firms on the island. With Centurio, you need to make sure you have at least 600 euros in your account, which is what they hold in case of damage – if you buy the extra insurance (which insures your money – not the car through Norwegian) it costs an extra £20 for 3 days. With Centurio, if you are staying for longer than 3 days, then you can buy it extra – for peace of mind for £8 a day.

Car hire + petrol = £60 for 3 days.

Ibiza Hotels

Would you like to stay at Can Pujolet?

I’d love to know your thoughts…

* Thanks to my husband Vince for making his fantastic video!

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