Debunking the Myth About Travelling after a Heart Attack

I never knew that a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest were two very different things, did you?

I had always assumed that if you were having the first, then it would cause the second. What I didn’t understand is that the two are completely different. A Heart attack is caused when the heart muscle is starved of oxygen rich blood – for a person to experience a cardiac arrest, their heart must have already stopped pumping blood around the body.

The next thing I assumed was that, this would put an end to our travels in the immediate future. Yet this does not necessarily have to be the case and in ours it wasn’t.

Depending on the age, physical fitness of the person, severity of the condition and treatment needed. It is possible be flying within 7 days of a heart attack.

I seemed to have been more  scared by Vince’s experience than he was. Sometimes it can seem worse, watching from the outside rather than going through it. Although I am sure, this is not really the case. Just the perspective will be different!

We had been planning on taking a short break abroad anyway. Building a business revolving around travel and blogging means you actually have to do those two things to achieve your goal. With such a short flight time from all London Airports to Geneva in Switzerland, we decided this would be a wonderful place to travel to. This time though we decided to use public transport. More about that in another post.

Vince gave his go-ahead. Even booked the tickets. This way making sure a little rest and recuperation Stringer style, was achieved by doing what we both love best – travelling.


You can see how happy he was to be away, just by looking at the photo above.

Being careless about his health is not something that he, or I would be reckless with. Which is why with a little research I managed to find a travel insurance company, (Freedom Travel Insurance) willing to fulfill our needs. For only £56 for the two of us. Maybe a tad bit more expensive than normal – I usually use Insure and Go and that comes in around £25 for this sort of trip.

Check out the British Heart Foundation Website for more information.

It is worth remembering that after a Heart Attack, even after 4 weeks you are still considered as being in the Acute phase and you will most likely find the medical profession to be risk averse-which of course is easily understood.

My best suggestion would be to listen to what they have to say, take into account the wording that they use. ‘Recommended’ and Not Allowed, have two very different meanings, when you are being told about what you can and can’t do after this kind of health scare. Still, I would say, do not take yourself out of your comfort zone and be aware that tiredness kicks in a little earlier. Do not do too much to over exert yourself  – and yes you should have seen the nurses faces, when Vin told them what he had been doing.

Our health is probably the most important thing that we have, so looking after it should definitely put it to the top of a Bucket List  – most importantly and I know how easily at times it is to forget to do this simple little thing. Whatever our circumstances, we must remember to savour special moments when we recognise them and make sure we enjoy life!

Bernese Oberland

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