Feeling Uprooted and Disconnected. Onward and Upwards in the New Year.


It was as if the Shard were shining a beacon of light, welcoming us into the City of London.

For the first time since our capital city began to celebrate seeing in the New Year with fireworks, my husband and I decided to pop up, with my best friend Lorraine, join in the festivities on the Southbank and actually stay up long enough to see a minute past midnight.

London 2013. New Years Eve


Drinking Cava from paper cups, in the cool of the evening, whilst wrapped up in hat and gloves, reminded me of our wonderful pre-season break in Tenerife and for the first time, in a long time. I spent NYE with my two best friends.







Eating hot dogs on the sidewalk as the party boats cruised by.

Hot dogs

Then, this is where everything became unstuck. I enjoyed the time the three of us spent together. Loved being in London. Seeing Tower Bridge reminded me of our rich historical heritage.


The walk along the Thames shared with me the beauty of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre for the first time.

New Years EveAllowed me to  unexpectedly encounter a full sized reconstruction of the Golden Hinde ship, which Sir Francis Drake used to circumnavigate the globe, bringing back happy memories of childhood – as another copy of the 16th century Galleon was dry docked in Peter Pans playground along our seafront when I was little.


and gave me the courage, for the first time to ask a couple of London Bobby’s if I could have my photo taken with them.London Police

I didn’t feel a connection to the people of my culture (although it was a very multi-cultural event) on this occasion or pick up a great vibe from those around me. Deciding I didn’t particularly like the drunkenness in the crowds and would have happily sat in one of the waterside restaurants with my two buddies eating a good meal, washed down with a couple of glasses of white wine. It was the company I was with,that made the evening enjoyable. Silly things like our conversation about the groups of lads moving en-mass, or holding onto Lorraine’s hand as we made our way through the crowd, on the way back over a bridge. The security I felt in having Vinnie there, when the mass of people moved in so close, I felt myself breathe in.

New Years Eve left me feeling disconnected to the masses and in a way uprooted from society but I don’t view this negatively – its just a recognition of the changes happening in my life.

As I look towards 2014 and what this year holds – I think onward and upwards. May the changes bring laughter and happiness and joy throughout the year.

What do you hope 2014 brings?

I’d love to know your thoughts…


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