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Travel with the Strings is a site which serves up a delicious selection of bespoke & eclectic European Instant Escape ideas, activities and accompaniments. Interviewing interesting individuals and companies along the way. Reviewing goods, shops and services applicable to the site & its target age group.  TwtS also includes long haul travel experiences to destinations such as: Australasia, Oceania, the South Pacific and North America. All with the intention to inform, educate & inspire the 40+ everyday traveller. 

There are 21.6 million over 50’s in the UK.(43% of all adults)

TRAVEL WRITING: As a dynamic, creative individual, Janice can help devise and promote a brand, service or message as a marketing partner. Become a Brand Ambassador for your Business. Create interest in events via social media campaigns. Write editorialsCreate advertorials or provide Corporate Content, ensuring the most important & pertinent facts are included. Her site enables your business to connect with the 40+ traveller looking for something more bohemian in style and a travel experience which won’t break the bank.  Janice writes both long and short copy.

The figure is projected to increase to 25 million by 2020 (50% of the population)

Working as a Ghostwriter. Writing articles for magazine publications such as: The Australia and New Zealand magazine, Real Travel and Juno Parenting magazine. Janice has seen her photographs published in the Essex Life magazine. She Blogs long-term for Countrywide Driving School – A Pass 4 U – Has been published online at The Matador Network and has acted as Contributing Regional Editor for Hospitality21. All this has assisted Janice in establishing herself as a Writer.

   The age group accounts for 80% of the UK’s wealth.   Silver Travel Advisor.

TRAVEL PLANNING & RESEARCH: Being adept at researching and being well travelled, Janice can help you create the perfect bespoke short break or long haul travel itinerary, which you wouldn’t find in a Travel Agent. Australia & New Zealand are two areas of specialty. Her background is in Therapy & Well-Being. This has allotted her with the wisdom and skills in building great rapport, develop strong active listening skills to find out what your needs are and the ability to help you, bring your desire to life. 


via e-mail:

or on Twitter – @thestrings07


“Working with Janice has been amazing. I was thrilled to see such good coverage of Eurostar’s Business Premier service.” M Asala. Communications. Eurostar

I was introduced to Janice Stringer and I read some of her work including her travel blog ” Travel with the Strings”. It was instantly obvious that Janice knew how to write and had a real passion and flair for the written word. This why we employ Janice to write regular articles for our blog and website. Janice has shown that she has a great imagination for topics and finds many fascinating facts to write about , many of them are teaching you something new and keep you interested. We will be working with Janice as long as she wants to work with us.                                                                                      Tony Mihill. Director. A Pass 4 U Driving School

“Ms. Janice Stringer is one of our most read Freelance Contributing Regional Editors for She conducts articles on exquisite and unique travel destinations around the world, highlighting only the best. Her articles cover history, style and level of comfort. As well as tips for readers interested in visiting and staying at these coveted destinations.”    Amber Gioia. Founder/

Liane Voisey editor of Oz/Nz mag is quoted as saying: Janice has written several vivid and engaging articles about her experiences  of travelling with her family around Australia and New Zealand. Her interest and enthusiasm about the Land Down Under and all that it has to offer is clear to see.”

The Matador Network:What every parent should know about traveling with their kids James Haywood Founder of Little Nomads says: “Some of best 10 ten tips of advice on travelling with kids, a fantastic post. Love the fact how you discussed education in the last remark, can relate to this from my own childhood of travelling with my parents.”

Email praise from Chef Polegri in Italy to Hospitality21. “I just read the article about the hotel in San Blas. It was very interesting.”




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