Intimacy ( In-to-me-see)

I know some view this scene from the fantastic movie Notting Hill, as really cheesy but I for one have always looked at the acting of Julia Roberts in this moment of the movie, as some of her finest work and the one line:

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” 

For me is one of the most beautiful lines in a movie, I have ever heard, because I can relate to what she is saying.

I’ve just returned from Paris and I’ve had some time to spend, thinking about relationships and romance. My husband and I went away to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, so this became the perfect opportunity. More about this soon, when I write about our visit to Paris on Eurostar in the near future-as Paris Week!

As I grow older, I reflect on the changes in my life – especially my emotional life and I am now consciously becoming aware of what I enjoy, what sustains me – fulfills me and brings me joy.

 Intimacy – especially emotional intimacy. 

Intimacy with those people I connect with.  Want to spend time with. Those people, I want to connect and converse, share and simply be present with – whether it’s over a bottle of wine, a beer or simply a cup of tea.

One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, is written by the band Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars. The words of this song express everything that I have ever felt about my husband and my desire for our marriage over the years.

What’s your song?

There was a point in my marriage, when it began to break down. This song at the time said everything I felt, thought and wanted. It shared my hope, depth, desire and needs. Our travels took us around the world and as we did so, I slowly healed myself, as I turned my attention to the world which stimulated my senses – day in and out. Disconnected from society, rebuilding intimacy within our marriage. Having fun with our kids and re-affirming life in all its colourful glory.

Travel with the Strings

25 years of marriage –  21 years of being a parent with all the magical, difficult and wonderful changes it brings, has me hopelessly reflecting on the good and bad, happy and sad times gone before. As I spend a little time in intimacy, with me. I stroll through my life over this time, pruning, plucking, watering, nourishing and pulling out the weeds.

My youngest child of 19 beginning her life of freedom sitting on the sunshine island of Koh Tao, Thailand.  My son readying to perform and take to the stage at the weekend, has already taken his.


I stand atop a mountain and look down on those moments during their growth and upbringing – looking on in wonder at what it has meant to me to be a wife – a mother – a daughter – friend -sister and ‘in law.’ Reflecting on the seriousness with which I have always taken my important relationships – stepping in honestly and with love and care, as much as possible. Observing the demise of some and the growth of other – my mistakes and accomplishments.

So I wonder what kind of person are you; would you lie with me and just forget the world?

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