Designing a Life Which Brings Happiness

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” Steve Jobs

There are moments when I stop, think – reflect and review the way in which I am attempting to move forward, forge a new life, career and steer myself in the right direction.

At the moment I am attempting to find work within the UK Travel and Tourism Industry – ideally as an Australia and New Zealand Travel Specialist. I am also building a Travel Blogging Business, but as an adult need to provide for myself and my family, until it is providing an income I can rely on, and think the direction I am choosing to steer myself in, will help me not just create but also evolve. I think I have a lot to offer the industry.

Ibiza sunset

My passion,experience and knowledge of Oceania and travel, I have discovered is not enough to open many doors – it seems if I had an extensive background in sales and industry knowledge, then this would provide me with greater opportunities but how does one break in and gain this experience without another giving them a chance, or recognising their attributes,as they come across in a resumé?

Frustration, I find licking at my heels – as I think, feel and believe that my talents, skills, knowledge and insightful understanding of building relationships and from that, the ability to create sales and design bespoke holidays for others, is going to waste. I go to waste by being indoors at home – although another may find the home their peaceful, resting place. I enjoy a place to come home too. Not stay in all day. Each to their own.

Southend on Sea

(My happy place – by the water and on the sand)

A second chance at life means attempting to design something which brings me happiness as a person (which I am doing) where before as a Counsellor I realise primarily, I was doing something (very) worthwhile but mainly for others – using the skills, knowledge, insight and wisdom I have, to propel myself forward in a previously chosen career.

(Although I still question opting for happiness over a vocation such as counselling- which can help ease another’s suffering)- but I have raised my kids with the view that happiness in your own life is pretty damn important in the short time we have upon this earth. Deciding after many life experiences I’ve had, that now I should include mine also. Will it sustain me – I don’t know but maybe eventually somehow – I’ll be able to combine the both!

Now I’d like to help others – just in a different way – a way that includes me also and assists others in creating dream trips, relaxing fun times and adventurous living.

How have others dealt with changing careers later in life and the challenges that come along with it?

If anyone is willing to share their experience, offer any insight or advice.

I’d be grateful to know that I’m not the only one!

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