An Idyllic Stay at Can Pujolet – Ibiza

Agrotourism Ibiza

Ibiza is an island of contrasts, set in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I felt a touch nervous, booking our four day whirlwind tour, knowing the preconceptions about the little island had formed in my mind, from friends shenanigans in the past, talk heard amongst others and the medias representation of the island. Yet it was in the moment I awoke and opened our thick wooden shutter, holding the morning sunlight at bay, in our wooden ceiling whitewashed room, the preconceptions began to melt away.

Agrotourism Hotel Ibiza

I discovered the Finca Can Pujolet on the internet, as I began searching for a different kind of accommodation for our short time on Ibiza, away from the clubs and bars of Ibiza town and San Antonio. I had learnt and experienced on previous trips to other Spanish islands, especially the volcanic island of Tenerife, how preconceptions can be formed by and dismissed, with two different experiences – this had happened when I had stayed at San Blas eco resort.

Ibiza Hotel

Agrotourism(meaning) originally referred to a working farm which let a few rooms. Today in Ibiza it means so much more – as we were to find out by chatting with Nina the owner of Can Pujolet. The hotel, although set in the northern heart of Ibiza was only a relatively simple, 35 minute drive from Ibiza airport.

There are three requirements for a hotel to be classed under the Agrotourism heading in Ibiza and these are:

  • Built Pre 1960 – in fact Can Pujolet dates back to mid 18th century.
  • Has less than 24 rooms. Can Pujolet offers 10 individual rooms for differing needs.
  • Has a minimum land area of 25,000 metres

The farm itself grows Figs, Oranges, Carob, Prunes, Apricots and almonds ( a bowl of which we found in our room on arrival) alongside  two slices of deliciously chocolaty cake and a robust bottle of Spanish Rioja!


We arrived after 11.30pm. Michaela and Miguel were waiting up to let us onto the property and show us where we would be staying. As the spring in Ibiza is fresh in the evening and first thing in the morning, the radiators had been left on in both bedroom and bathroom, inviting us warmly in.

Ibiza hotels

Our rooms sheets were clean and fresh, with warm blankets to curl up under(an extra thick blanket was found in the cupboard, if you should need more and a flat screen TV is available, if you’d care to watch some television.) There is also free wifi in the room, enabling you to share your tranquil stay with loved ones or friends, if you so choose.

Ibiza Agrotourism

My scuba diving had been arranged for 9.30 the next morning. Michaela informed me breakfast was at 9am onwards, so I asked if it could be available for 8am to suit our needs. Nothing was too much trouble and she readily and easily agreed to it, on the spot.

In my next post I will share more about my stay at Can Pujolet. Its staff and surroundings and see if you too fall in love with this side of Ibiza, the same way it nestled its way, into my heart on our whirlwind tour.

Have you been to Ibiza?

I’d love to know your thoughts…





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