The Great Barrier Reef Teach

Education comes in many forms when travelling on the road as a family. One of the best ways, we found for little cost ($45 aussie dollars, for a family of four. 19/07/2013) was a class run in Cairns city centre, Reef Teach.

 Deciding to take our family diving on The Great Barrier Reef, a listed World Heritage site, was an opportunity that none of us wanted to miss.


My 70’s childhood in the UK, consisted of documentaries featuring its pristine waters and fishy inhabitants; this was one place I had always dreamed of dipping my toes.

I even grabbed a moment to text my brother in law in England, as we flew across the sun kissed Coral Sea on the Silverswift, a 29 metre, custom built for scuba diving and snorkelling, catamaran. The excitement too much to contain.

The desire to share with someone we loved, the joy of being somewhere so well known, wishing for a moment that he too could experience the wonder with us.

Turn up  on the night around 6.15, the talk begins at 6.30 and you will find yourselves ready to learn about the marine eco system and marine life inhabiting the reef, from the very knowledgeable Marine Biologists and Conservationists on hand to answer any questions.  Their enthusiasm tends to inspire as they explain a little about the challenges it faces, as well as the predators and fish that live there.


We would be visiting the next day, so used this as preparation for our trip.

At the end of the evening, we were provided with an information sheet, asking questions about what we had learnt that night, enabling us to keep a reminder of the learning shared.

Their motto ” take only pictures and memories and leave only bubbles.”

 Previously only through our Scuba Diver training at Sunshine Divers in Thailand had I seen my kids so animated, interested and desiring to participate in and learn about something, that up to this point: they had only ever seen on TV, read about or studied in school. Inspiring all of us to take on board their belief “with learning comes appreciation.”

 At the end of the evening, our family walked out of there with an increased appreciation for this elective program, the dispelled Hollywood myths and the different names used abroad and home (sea star = starfish being one of them) for certain sea creatures.

With a deep love and respect for the ocean, we found this good value for money for all. Hopefully teaching the kids in the process, to love and respect the world in the way we do. Leaving us in anticipation of the wonders we would behold on our trip the next day.

What would you like your kids to learn about when travelling?

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