Creating Deep Connections

Self Awareness is not just knowing the effect life has on You, but knowing the effect You have on Others Lives.                                                                             Janice Stringer

I’m in a thoughtful mode at the moment. There seems to be a lot of changes happening in my life without me physically going anywhere, but the one thing I always crave is physical movement- especially when life feels sedentary.

I’ve just been talking with my daughter – who is preparing to jump on a train in Thailand and gradually make her way back to England – more than anything I want to jump on a plane and make my way out to Thailand.

Create a new adventure – both of us jumping together- India maybe?

I’d leave these green and pleasant lands very easily – to travel to the Antipodes or Oceania.  I’m not letting go of my Tent Village dream and yet I don’t know the way – what the next step is – how it will translate into physicality.

I’ve given up on feeling lost – my Husband told me – “You’re not lost. You’re just finding your way forward” and he’s right. It doesn’t matter if it is the physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological life. When you meet something for the first time, you have no understanding and you are finding your way forward in it. I get that.

Now that thought has been turned on its head and I can look at it with fresh eyes, there is no going back to how I viewed it before. 

I still haven’t managed to work out my visit to Western Australia – camp, drive, down that west coast – I need to say it loud and clear to keep in my mind, what I want to do next.

Scuba Diving in Bimini is on the list for Vin and I. A little bit of Bahamian sunshine in the Caribbean, would be a wonderful regenerative experience for winter and i’d get to meet Jillian Morris – she has definitely inspired me since I first spoke to her – full of vitality and life – as do her photos. The beautiful photograph above is one of hers – i’d love to meet these guys underwater!

I’d like to learn more, face to face, about Sharks4Kids her non-profit organisation creating the next generation of shark advocates and then be able to come back and share the scuba diving and land lubber experiences with you guys.

My body is beginning to change – now i’ve entered perimenopause – ironically I find myself drawn to baby items for sale in Boots – am I suddenly ready for motherhood ? By the way if you don’t know – my youngest child is 19.

I crave vitality which seems a little lacking, maybe this is something to do with this ‘stage’ in life, so have once again taken up Yoga and am finding Restorative Yoga Classes with Mayura Yoga along Southend Seafront, connecting me with my spark and physicality.

A couple of months ago I interviewed Madonna Williams an Australian Yoga teacher, motivational speaker-bringing a fresh approach to Wellness & Personal Empowerment, whom I’ve connected with on Facebook. Practicing at Paradise Point on the Queensland coastline in  magnificent Oz – she offers classes and retreats in locations such as Byron Bay or Fiji.

“Creating a sanctuary for the soul and self – to enable a person to retreat within themselves” Sounds divine at this moment – I wish I could trip over. More to come from Madonna!

I’m not sure but I think this form of Yoga is viewed as something not as ‘vital’ as other types, but for me it is the simple pleasure that comes from stretching and working those muscles and organs-deeply connecting physically with myself.

During the class – for the first time in a long while I ‘missed’ practicing as a Counsellor. That deep connection created between Client & Counsellor which allows the room energy to vibrate at times.  The feeling passed as I found real enjoyment in the Earth Salutation – grounding myself seems to work for me at the moment.

So how about you – are you exercising. Have you tried Yoga.

Where are you in your life. What works for you?

Lets build some deep connections…

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