Finding Transcendence through Travel

Rise above oneself and grasp the world. -Archimedes

niederhorn switzerland

‘There is a feeling of discovery that bursts forth in me once again, in the reality of experiencing something completely new.

No static, no stopping, or standing still.

You eventually get the familiarity of the knowing and doing but the newness is there in everything you try. A feeling of both excitement and fear must be there. So this is with all of life, because every new person brings a new experience of yourself and them. Every place, every discovery puts you in touch with living life a little bit more.

NZ Fjordland

Writing today I can touch the happiness inside of me, I didn’t realise how much of me is tied in with our natural world and the beauty in it. To bring it to life for our children, to let them feel and explore the beauty and wonder, both outside and inside of themselves is my job. For me it is my joy. To stand and hear the sound of the surf, to feel the wetness of the rain on my cheek, its stinging coldness smarting with each drop.

The beauty of the grasses and the twisted, gnarled driftwood brings my soul to life. As do the birds that tweet, as I stand quietly watching, observing and enjoying it all. In a way I had forgotten what it felt like, when in contact with nature and the earths wonders: alive, Alive, ALIVE.’

Above is what I wrote in my travel memoir after 81/2 months out of the uk – the wonder in connecting with those childhood experiences of discovery, when embracing something new and untouched and how this made me feel, enabled me to transcend who I was before. It enabled me to become who I am turning into now.

New Zealand

Life has a funny way of doing that and travel provides you with optimum experiences, if you are open to yourself and the world around you. Allowing yourself to not just travel the external terrain but also forage through your very own internal landscape. You become a person of colour, where before you may have lived life in black and white .

‘There were moments when I felt so in tune with myself and the world around me, clarity became my friend as it bubbled up from within, not from my analytical mind. I envisaged myself to be a giant bubble. Transparent, yet with deep hues of colour, so clear for me to see.

Words would tumble forward: learner, educator, feeler, creator, I.

I wasn’t static. I was fluid and moving. No part separate and yet no part joined. With and without boundaries. A real sense of being integrated, yet, at the same time maintaining a sense of separateness. All shifting and moving with the flow.

 This is it, I thought. I am alive and I am free.’

 How has travel helped you transcended yourself?

 I’d love to know your thoughts…

2 thoughts on “Finding Transcendence through Travel

  1. Hi Jan, I was changed by travel at 18 years old. Getting out of my home country to experience how others live made me function outside of my comfort zone and appreciate my good life. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug ever since. It’s the spice of life!


    1. Hi Kath, Your home!
      I have experienced many changes in many different ways and for a multitude of reasons but this has to definitely be the most fun. I am at peace and function my best when travelling.


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