Experience a Personalised City Tour of Barcelona

Victoria Martinez

It wasn’t until I met up with Victoria Martinez  – Owner of BarcelonaShoppingScouts.com did I realise that even in my attempts to not attract attention to the fact that I’m a tourist, did I actually stand out ‘like a sore thumb’ to use the english expression. On my first lone trip abroad in 48 years.

 “You only have to look at your style of dressing, blonde hair (dyed-I immediately thought. Easily rectified!) Your blue eyes and fair skin – to know you’re not from Spain.” The latter not so easy to change, even with a tan.


I was asking Victoria about how safe it is to visit the city – many things I had read made me nervous but through our conversation I realised that it is common sense that is needed and a little thought. There are pickpockets – I was told to watch out especially on the metro and at Las Ramblas-a famous long street leading to the seafront and well-known as a mass tourism destination, due to the throng of international visitors arriving each day.

BSS builds discerning and knowledgeable tailor-made Barcelona tours. Reflecting the wants, desires, needs and interests of the visitor. Many of Victoria’s clients arrive on cruise ships and her company can build personalised tours, suited to the wants and desires of a group, creating a sublimely fascinating and great value for money experience.

Barcelona Shopping Scouts

I expressed an interest in exploring some of the gastronomical delights of Barcelona, during my short time in the city and on meeting Victoria, discussing my requirements and time limit, she took me on one of the most wondrous and in-depth tours around its medieval and contemporary streets – sharing with me along the way, her stories and insight into this beautiful city, its people and lifestyle. ( A little like her relocation tour)

My intimate and personally crafted tour with Victoria, lasted approximately 6 hours and by the time we had finished I believed, felt and knew, that I understood this city and its people at a deeper level, than I ever could have learnt from wandering the city streets alone. All thanks to Barcelona Shopping Scouts.

More about my Barcelona city tour in the next post.

 Example itinerary:

  • Victoria or one of her Barcelona Shopping Scouts, will arrange a pick up for you or your group from the cruise ship or meet you at your hotel – depending on your requirements.
  • Tours normally last between 6-8 hours, with a 30 minute break every 2.5.
  • Included also, will be a stop for lunch. (Cost of which is not included on the tour)
  • The route will be designed specifically for you. Multilingual assistance can also be provided.

3 thoughts on “Experience a Personalised City Tour of Barcelona

  1. This is a great tip. I have been to Barcelona for a good amount of times now, and I think I am going to try a personalized trip next time, to see something new. Thanks!


    1. Hi Caroline, I think this personalised trip really helped me get ‘under the skin’ of Barcelona and Victoria was a dream to spend time with and really fun as was Yves and his family


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