An Onboard Dining Experience by Eurostar

Here to tickle your tastebuds, is our onboard dining experience by Eurostar. Two gourmet lunches were served up to us, as part of the Business Premier Class train tickets. Our trip was In celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, which involved a mini break to Paris. Eurostar helping to make our trip special.

For some reason I have developed quite a liking to champagne over the last few months and hearing the pop of the cork as staff cracked open a bottle of Moet, added to my jubilation. The second glass like bubbly, sweet nectar. Tickling its way down my throat. I am truly a convert!

How to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary with eurostar

Our luncheon onboard dining experience,  on the way to Paris, consisted of a mackerel and potato salad, which was a little dry for my liking.  I thought the portion of mackerel small. Portion sizes were in keeping with a meal you’d receive on an airline. Vince opted for the ham and cheese salad but I am a bit fussy with my meat and didn’t like the look of the way the ham was served – I fell in love with the freshness of the cucumber jelly instead…

Eurostar Menu

25th wedding anniversary


The Sea Bream with aubergine was tasty, but it was a little too much fish for me, after the mackerel.

Our dessert a strawberry delight with bite size pyramids of chocolate and cream. An eclectic addition.25th wedding anniversary

The Japanese crackers went down well with the champers and the hospitality rooms at St Pancras and Gare du Nord were calm and cool places to rest before our journey.

Food Glorious Food







On our return –  the menu was much more to my taste.

25th Wedding anniversary menu on eurostar

The Salmon tartare, held a warm hint of ginger and the slightly acidity grapefruit jelly topping, meant together, they left an impression of health in my body. The starter floated like an iridescent bubble gently within, on consumption.

 EurostarFood glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

The Lamb stew fell apart on the fork but the peas – I always find this a danger area when making something which is not going to be served straight away. They don’t always hold their colour as much as I’d like, to be appetizing to my eye. Vince enjoyed the red wine and sipped a glass or two after the champagne and with his dinner.

Arriving at the Eurostar terminal, I knew, as we stood in front of the French, Eurostar Business Premier Lounge Entrance. For a few short moments, I felt like my favourite, fairy story character-Cinderella.

Stepping out in life and working hard at making my dreams a reality, after focusing on bringing up my children for so long and with so little help at times. Means, there are those moments, when internally, I hear the words.

“Cinderella, you shall go to the ball”

On this occasion, standing in front of these doors, at the end of the Paris celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary, I felt like I did.

Thank You Eurostar!

Food glorious Food

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