Visiting Barcelona as a Solo Female Traveller.

I have known many people travel alone in my lifetime…

Solo travel to Barcelona

It is something I always wanted to do as a teenager but due to personal reasons – none of which I understood then-I unhappily resigned myself to being someone who was afraid or scared of doing something like this alone. This meant I never knew why, it was so difficult for me and yet easy for another. At the time, all I could connect with was the great fear which sat deep within my belly. Berating myself for my ineptitude.

Since this point I have travelled extensively with my husband and family. Culminating in our world travel in 2007. At this point – on the little island of Koh Tao – whilst learning to scuba dive, I connected with an inherent terror-and I don’t use the word terror lightly-residing within. The monsters from the shadows, stepped out and forward into the light. Blinkingly, from that point forward, I have worked diligently and consistently on releasing myself from its grip and their hold. So that I may – once again walk freely in this world.

In one way – the visit to Barcelona was the culmination of all the emotional and reparative hard work, I have been moving towards over the last long and many times difficult, seven years. 

I knew the importance in me booking this trip as a solo female traveller. Of stepping out into the world alone. Without the support and safety net which my husband has provided for me over many years, in many ways. When bad things happen to people in childhood, teen years and as an adult – all can turn life on its head. I choose not to speak about the matter too deeply here, for the time being. Suffice to say, Barcelona for me represented far more than a short city visit, or mini break idea. Barcelona represented to me – on this trip – my personal freedom!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you this week – the people I’ve met: (Victoria Martinez, Yves the Social Cook) from & BonAppetour respectively- who brought the city to life and enabled me to connect on a deeper level with the people of this Catalan nation. The wonder of the Gothic Quarter, the difficulties arising from tourism in the city and the one word – which ultimately, at the end of this solo trip, ironically, told me exactly what Barcelona is all about.

Solo Female Travel to Barcelona

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