Destination: South Western Australia

Western Australia

Western Australia is the next long haul destination, I would like to visit. My intention is to spend an extended time away from the UK. Travelling as opposed to holidaying.

Recently I was able to combine business with pleasure, at a tourism event in Australia House. London, England. Connecting with a few interesting people in the travel trade over the evening. I learnt a lot more about Western Australia, in the process.

‘Like speed dating.’ My initial thought.

Although, I’ve never been to that type of event, having been married for 25 years. The pace with which we moved from presentation to presentation, left me exhausted by the end and thinking, it would be akin to this way of meeting people.

It left me with a deeper knowledge of the territory and a desire to experience a few of the ‘must do,’ and ‘must see,’ activities and locale.Western AustraliaBusselton Jetty:

Located on the south-west coast, approximately 229 km down from Perth. The longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere. 

For me, there is something enjoyable about taking a constitutional along a jetty and Busselton seems to have it all.  There is an underwater observatory located at its Geographe Bay end. For those of you who’d prefer not to get wet. Here you can descend eight metres to the ocean floor and discover its underwater world from the comfort of eleven viewing windows.

Or you can scuba dive: The warm waters of the Leeuwin Current provides sub tropical temperatures. Bulls eyes, porcupine fish, rays, octopi and cuttlefish, all having been seen. Busselton Jetty is a great novice dive. The deepest water is 8 metres. Expect to see: Crabs, Nudibranchs, plennies and Gobis.

Aboriginal Cultural Experiences:

Western Australia

The Esperance region of South Western Australia is one of the locations, you can become involved in an aboriginal cultural experience. These are offered by a local indigenous company.  With its Mediterranean style weather and white sandy beaches, you can spend the day on a Kepa Kurl (Meaning: where the water lies like a boomerang.) eco discovery trip. I met Doc Reynolds, who owns Kepa Kurl, at the tourism event and there was an engaging charm about the man, as he spoke about his aboriginal roots and the tours on offer in the region. It made me want to visit and find out more for myself. Especially as he talked about the tour, which enables you to drink fresh water, right off the beach!

One of the other places I’ve always wanted to visit is Wave Rock. Situated in South Western Australia, in the area known as Australia’s Golden Outback. 14 metres high and 110 metres long. This ancient granite rock, rears up like a Tsunami wave readying to crash to shore. The shape of the rock is the result of wind and water erosion.

Western Australia's Golden Outback

Have you visited South Western Australia or would you like to?

Tell me more.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts…

2 thoughts on “Destination: South Western Australia

    1. Hi Kath. Australia is an amazing destination to visit. So much on the surface and then once you dabble, a load more underneath. I have now hung my maps up in my office and am at the very beginning of working out how to arrange and fund a trip to this magnificent continent. I have ideas (including a book) just need to bring it to fruition! 🙂


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