Does the Secret of Luxury Lie in Simplicity

 Southend on SeaI can’t quite touch it. Connect with it…

I can’t quite define what it is about simplicity that makes it so luxurious. There are many factors I believe.

  • Not having or wanting more than I need.

The more enriched I feel within-the less desire I have for external things.

Yet I think it is so much more.

Reflecting on previous travels, leads me to realise that the happiest I have been – is when I have had the least in baggage and stuff, but the most: contentment, happiness, motherhood, love and personal fulfillment. Long term travel involves leaving all behind, semi-permanently or permanently. It involves thinking about what is most important to a person and only taking that with you. Otherwise you become encumbered – burdened. Instead of free and released. I took my husband and children – keeping my friends whilst away, close to my heart.

As I continue growing and writing, I feel the need to stay grounded – as my mind encourages me to soar. Now it seems my feet are set firmly on the floor.

“My Father gave me roots and my Mother taught me how to fly.”

I have become aware of how proud I am of my working class roots and the values my parents instilled within me as a child. Family comes first is a great motto when dealing with being out side the home. Although there has been plenty working out, of how to be the individual I am, within a family. What I have learned is the importance of fluidity, interwoven with flexible boundaries dependent on: person, situation, circumstance and life. I’ve developed my humility – important I think in this day and age of living.

Now it seems I yearn for simplicity.  So I question does the secret of luxury lie in simplicity?

Where years ago luxury would mean more money, more things-an elitist way of living. A Big yacht or fast car. Is this now changing and is luxury defined in this day and age by the individual. Does the mentality of the many change as they grow older in life.

I know I have always thought that less is more. The financial limitations of growing up in a working class family has assisted me in becoming astute with my finances. Growing a family on limited funds has made me work out what we truly need and doing our best to provide what we want. Both are so important in life.

I have come to understand only today, that there is an emotional nobility to what a woman, wife and mother offers to their family and the world.One of lifes given luxuries. All has been understated, misunderstood and even maligned over the years.

In parenting I have learnt amongst other things, that the luxury of choosing to not vaccinate children, is born out of the many who do. So much learning about luxury and its different levels of meaning.

I have learnt that there is luxury in the simplicity of being acknowledged, listened to and understood and I am still learning the luxury & importance of being me – everyday and in every-way within and outside of society.

As each day goes by, I settle into the luxury a little deeper. Making my life as simplistic as possible. Developing the ability to work out what thoughts I should listen to and where my understanding sits in relation to my life in the world.

Does the secret of luxury, lie in simplicity for you?

As always.

I’d love to know your thoughts…


One thought on “Does the Secret of Luxury Lie in Simplicity

  1. It does for me, Jan, and has for a long time. But especially since we have started living our “temporary lifestyle.” Stuff does not make me happy and living with that knowledge gives me the luxury of choice – travel being one of them. Like the Danish say, “Less stuff, more life.”

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