Stepping Out Into Some Spanish Sunshine

Moraira Teulada

Dreaming of spending lazy summer days, sunbathing along the Spanish coastline or wanting to know where is a great place to rest awhile, whilst on  your travels in Europe.

Or are you wanting to jump aboard a plane and arrive somewhere hot, inviting, yet oozing with traditional charm, as well as modern conveniences.

If you do, spare a little thought for the Spanish resort of Moraira. Situated approximately halfway between Alicante and Valencia, this sweet coastal town is a great place to unwind for a few days or for some, even a week.


If you want to arrive by ferry, you can drive from Santander to the little locale, across the Spanish central plains in a long day. (This is full on driving with no sightseeing.) Or better still, stop off in one of the historic hotels along the way, like we did on our return trip to england.

Historic spanish  buildings

For our stay in Moraira – we had driven from the UK and  toured through the region of France before entering Spain. Eventually driving from Teulada, situated up in the mountains, and a wonderful find in itself, before heading down into Moraira, surrounded by vineyards mountains and the sea.

If you fly into Alicante, you can take the train to Teulada and then catch the local bus down to the coast quite cheaply and you’ll be able to experience what it is like engaging with others. This may not be the most simplest of routes but is the cheapest.

Car hire and driving from Alicante would be my chosen option but it is more isolating if would like  company –  maybe a cheaper and easier option when travelling as a family or group. If you are renting a villa or camping, with a car you can easily reach the supermarkets situated on the outskirts of town, where the food is reasonable in price.

Spanish Campsites


We set up our little tent at Camping Moraria, which meant a steep uphill walk from the beach  not far away, but a wonderful yomp down on the way. Nestled in amongst pine trees with generous sized plots and centrally, well equipped toilet and shower blocks, this is a great place to chill out and relax – during the day mind. With the fiestas continuing late into the night and being whacked out by the wonderful heat, sometimes at night the music from the town would filter up into the site, meaning it took longer for me to fall asleep. The locals seemed to have a different energy level to me.

Reception is helpful and the pool an added bonus, if all you want to do is chill out and refresh yourself in its cool water during the day, with book or kindle in hand.

Moraira Beach

With Scuba Moraria located a short hop and a skip along the main road, scuba diving is easily accessible and not to expensive, but, as with all Spanish destinations you must have dive insurance in place to be able to step out into the Med. Most dive shops can provide this for you quite cheaply, when needed.

Scuba diving in Moraira, can be had just off L’Ampolla  beach. Although there isn’t a lot to see on this dive – it is interesting and does offer you an idea of the clarity of the water. Its fun watching the beach-goers, watch you disappear into the blue and if you’re lucky you may meet the resident octopus, which is a huge kick in itself!

Moraira is one tourist destination that I would happily go back to, exploring the area is great fun and whatever you’re into, whether it be jet-skiing, scuba diving or simply laying on a sunkissed beach, it has a little something for all age groups and is a friendly and informal place to visit.




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