Finding and Fulfilling ALL your Passions


So many times over my lifetime, I have read motivational articles about ‘finding your passion.’

Now as you know, (you readers out there that actually read this blog) there are a few things going on in my life at the present moment but one thing I would like to ask is:

“Does there have to be, only one passion?”

What do you think?

What are your thoughts?

Now I know it’s best to do one thing at a time. Believe me.

Yet I have been a keen and motivated multi-tasker since:

  • Getting married.
  • Becoming a mother.
  • Attempting to hold down work whilst also re-training.
  • Working voluntarily in the community before travelling with my family

When I watch my Husband move through one thing at a time methodically, I sometimes wonder why I have been left without that gene.

My life doesn’t seem to be complete without a touch of chaos, as much as my mind loves order.

The question above pops back in continuously when I think about acting.

“Why acting,” You may ask.

My answer would be: “Because I get to portray somebody else without losing myself. In fact, in one way by portraying someone else, it enables me to truly be myself.

This is where I begin to question fulfilling all my passions, more than just one.

As a Counsellor – I have had the privilege of entering someone else’s life and walking with them, through their difficulties – in one way being a part of another.

As a Ghostwriter – again I will have the privilege of being part of the reflection into another person’s life which then enables me to share their voice, in my way.

As a Blogger, I have allowed myself to share my most intimate thoughts with the world-the vulnerability that arises from this part of being human, has left me wondering if the world will share it’s thoughts back.

Am I sure how this will all pan out – not on your nelly.

Am I excited? a bit nervous really.

Am I surprised – not a chance…

So I ask.

How many passions are you intent on fulfilling?

4 thoughts on “Finding and Fulfilling ALL your Passions

  1. I have been going through a blog challenge and it constantly asks what my passion is. I agree: I HAVE MANY! And I don’t intend for it to narrow any time soon. Same goes for multitasking: no way in HELL it will stop. So, I am intent on fulfilling numerous passions/challenges/dreams. And that is fine. They don’t change, they just compile 🙂 There are at least 5 at the moment! Thanks for this, for reminding me that I don’t have to hone in on one. There are so many days in my life and I will spend each working towards ALL of them!


    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment.
      I too wonder why I think I have to do just one thing – oh I wish that is the way my mind works but it doesn’t. Whose to say what is the right way. Isn’t it just finding the right way of working for you 🙂


    2. I think we can have many challenges but only do one thing at a time. As long as we focus on what is important in the right moments, that is what counts. I believe learning discernment is the way to go where this is concerned – this is a personal and emotional growth challenge. One to maybe add to the list? 🙂


  2. I love this post! I think there are no limits to the amount of passions anyone can have. I also think there’s a difference between having passions and being passionate for something. For example, I’m passionate about food, but food is not my passion. I don’t eat out at 5-star restaurants and only know the basics of cooking – but I love to eat. However, two my many passions are writing and traveling and I try to keep that as an integral part of my life.

    I don’t think there’s one method to help achieve your passions either – I think it’s about discovering you lifestyle and determining what works for you to make it all happen. As long as your list of passions beams bright in your mind, you’ll make the time and take the effort to accomplish it. Those are my thoughts at least! 🙂


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