Banging on about Burritos and Beer


It’s been an enjoyable time of eating out due to various reasons, this week. A trip to London on Wednesday with my in laws for passport purposes and my daughters birthday on Thursday. So on friday I thought Vince and me would end the week once again in London, this time popping up to the Southbank from some Street food. Also rather than sitting in traffic for three hours, we managed to do the drive up in 45 minutes. This is when driving into London from Southend is a pleasure.


As it was after six there was no congestion charge to pay and we found a parking space just off Southwark Bridge,(for free!) so were once again able to to stroll past the Globe theatre as we had on New Years Eve, making the most of the warm evening and cool breeze, spending an enjoyable evening alone.

Pulled Pork and grilled steak

street food

street food

Bobs  street food

street food

It was Mexican food that tickled our tastebuds, washed down with a cool beer, as we sat munching messily away (well me anyway – Vince seemed to have mastered the art of not spilling it everywhere!) over looking the Thames and the London skyline.

street food and beer

There are simple pleasures to be had in our capital city – without needing to stay up late or party the night away. Twitter provides me with a quick and easy way to stay in touch with the street food events happening around this magnificent place – making the most of them when we can.

What would you choose to eat from the photos above?

As always,

I’d love to know your thoughts…

3 thoughts on “Banging on about Burritos and Beer

  1. London is one of those places that can be cruel or kind but it has a lot diversity and food is definitely in the mix. I love to try different food and some of the best come from street vendors. I’m not into fancy schmancy dining, unless its a special occasion that needs a bit of pomp and circumstance. Beer and Burritos defiantly right up my street and some of the Asian cooking from street vendors is exquisite but I must say you will not get me eating locust or scorpions as I’ve seen on some cookery programs.
    Some of the best doughnuts you’ll get are down on Southend seafront, warm and covered in sugar, hmmmm.


    1. Hi Tony,
      On a special occasion I would love to eat nouvelle cuisine – it looks so delicate. I know I couldn’t replicate it. One restaurant in London I do want to eat in is Dans Le Noir – eating in the dark. To taste a meal with our senses rather than first and foremost with our eyes interests me. I too love Southend seafront donuts – takes me back to my teenage years! 🙂


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