England to Switzerland in Less than 1.5 hrs


I wonder what the Wright Brothers or Amelia Earhart would have made of us, travelling from one country to another in under 1.5 hrs. I think they would have been amazed exactly the same as me.

It seemed that before I had time to say Supercalifragilisticexpealidicous, the plane was banking and we were making our way downwards across snow pelted forests and landing in Geneva Airport. Normally on a longer flight, I have time to acclimatise to travelling to a different country but this time, even on landing and as far as two hours away from the city, everyone I had spoken to – considering the languages we heard most were Swiss-German or Swiss French, recipricated in kind to my questions asked of them, in english. (Apart from the school girl dressed in Snowboarding gear waiting at the bus stop with her friends. I asked where they were going,  as the evening was drawing in and I thought they must only be snowboarding somewhere close. She ran quickly away with her board!)


From plane to train – bus to door, our accomodation has turned out to be just up the road from the bus stop in the quiet, little village of Gunten – on the road to Interlaken and along the banks of the beautiful Lake Thun. We’ve discovered it’s quite expensive to travel to here by train without a rail card – so will do a bit more research, to find out the costs and we will see what tomorrow brings.

How have you found train travel in Switzerland – expensive or of good value?

I’d love to know your thoughts…

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