The positivity in self doubt

The other night as I watched the penultimate episode of the UK version of ‘The Apprentice, ‘ I was interested to listen to the panel talk about Neil’s (one of the strongest candidates) self belief and I wondered,

does self belief sometimes get in the way of what is needed to create the reality, one try’s so hard to achieve”

To be so dogmatic, that you never shift from your opinion of what is right – that there is only one particular way to achieve something, to not have any give or be willing and open to another’s point of view – really got me thinking about the positivity in self doubt.

Is it important to question ourselves, and be open at times to experienced and wise others, so we don’t just accept without thorough personal thought and exploration what we are trying to achieve and sometimes can only a trusted other provide that for us.

Is self doubt, very much part of self belief and without it are we just kidding ourselves into thinking we have self belief, rather than living it. A place where we begin to feel it in our soul, our way of being, yet not be blinkered to what is around us and other’s greater wisdom.

My conclusion is that you cannot have belief without doubt – only when knowing one, can you truly know the other and then begin to differentiate between them,  making adjustments and tweaks to our lives.

I think it’s so important to get to know ourselves and others on a deeper level – but then I think understanding is important in relationships. It helps build and guide our way forward. Constantly teaching us, when to listen to yourself and when to taking on-board the wisdom of others.

Phew… all this from watching The Apprentice

What wisdom do you wish you had listened to in your lives?

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