Down with the Dive Show

Monty Halls

Each year, for the past few years, I have looked forward to making my way to the Excel Centre, to attend the London Dive Show. I’ve absorbed the presentations of many different speakers, from around the world, who make their way to our capital, share their knowledge, experience and a lot of the time their love, for the marine environment and the sea creatures they work with.

Mike Rutzen is very definitely my favourite. By the time he had finished with me and the rest of the audience, we too were looking at Great White Sharks like big puppy dogs and I had completely fallen in love with the soft spoken twang of this South African Man. (My thoughts are with him, as only today, I read his girlfriend was killed in a car accident on the 30th of January,  he has been seriously injured.)

Fabian Cousteau, the french Aquatic Filmmaker and Oceanographic Explorer,  was another that enthralled me and brought to life my love of the ocean, as inspired by his grandfather Jacques Cousteau and his program about the underwater world, when I was just a little girl. For my children to meet him, was truly a special moment for me.

We have learnt about Manta Ray Research and my daughter still holds the signed card given to her by a UK Freediver – ‘Dive for your Dreams,’ were her words. Something Chloe has never forgotten.

Saturday, I listened to Monty Halls presentation – although I have already seen the channel 5 program he spoke about, he still had a little more to share and add to his experiences, as he spoke about putting together his diving dream team to make the series and as always he was engaging and made me think how hard he works to sell his books and earn a buck!

Scuba Gear

One thing I did find was a range of green scuba diving mask, fins and snorkel from Tusa, to buy myself in the future.

If only they could persuade Ben Fogle to come and talk about scuba diving with crocodiles – there’s a man I’d like the chance to listen too and sigh dreamily over…

The dive show offers great value for money, regarding the availability of different  speaker presentations from professionals working within the diving world. In taking my daughter here, every year since we came home from our world travel and us learning to dive as a family, has meant this has kept up her enthusiasm. At the end of last year Chloe finished her Rescue Diver training and is now saving up to pay for her professional training, which I will write about in another post.

It only cost  £9.50 for our two tickets, when booked online, which was really good value to listen to all these Speakers, but I was disappointed in the commercialism I encountered, although pleased to see that the show was a lot busier than it has been for the last couple of years.

Sadly, I think I won’t be going again for a while, unless their Speaker Presenters are those I haven’t heard speak before. Yet, I sit here, still feeling a little confused and bemused at the ripe old age of 47, wondering how I deal with the commercialism I see around me. Where I fit in this puzzle and wondering what my next step will be…

How do you deal with commercialism?

I’d love to know your thoughts…

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