Pad Thai, No Egg

Thai fish food

As dinnertime rolls into my household in the UK and hunger pangs start to twang in my stomach. I can’t help myself but dream about Thai cuisine.

One of the many things I like about being in Thailand (although I will admit to our relationship being a bit complex,) Is its nations food.

Each time I visit Koh Tao, I look forward to eating a  granary, salad filled tuna baguette, served up to me by the Baguette lady in the high street for breakfast. With only a ‘nit noi’ (little) serving of mayonnaise.

Or a steaming hot tom kha ghai, dished up with a side order of steamed rice.

Koh San Road Cuisine

Pad Thai, no egg and spring rolls, is another favourite of mine. Which I think any traveller must try, whilst wandering along Koh San Road in Bangkok. Who can resist a meal that costs under one pound and tastes delicious.

Once on Koh Tao, we were very lazy most of the time. Eating at the Sunshine Resort restaurant, the place of our accommodation and where we were staying. Chatting with the staff and generally chilling out. Although one night Vince and I did go out by ourselves and we ate at a lovely little restaurant run by Rico and Jamy, situated below their guesthouse in the high street of Mae Head village. The huge prawns had caught my eye the night before, nestling neatly in a display of  fresh fish.  When we walked past, they looked so tempting, that I wanted to return and taste them for myself. Alas, it was not to be, as the night we ate there, they had none.

Thai seafood

Instead we found ourselves sitting down to a meal of floured whitebait for our starter. Crunchy and surprisingly tasty. I thought the little bones may get stuck in my throat but with a squeeze of lime, they were sharp to taste but soft to swallow.

Thai fresh fish

Outside eating is a wonderful way to pass the time, when residing somewhere balmy and tropical. On Koh Tao in October, the island was quiet, still, hot and pretty idyllic. The main road was deserted apart from the local taxi drivers and being the only guests in the little eatery, Rico, the french owner, attended our every need.

Our main course soon arrived, after we sat sipping a cooling refreshing  beer.

Thai Cuisine

Vince had ordered white snapper and I the red. Coming served with a jacket potato, pulled out of the bbq. joined by a side order of salad and topped with a pineapple, ginger and tomato, thin, fruity sauce. Accompanied by chilli dressing to drizzle over the top. It was a real delight. The flesh of the snapper flaked easily onto my fork and the white flesh, tripped elegantly over my palate.

Thai Snapper

Sitting behind my husband, on our scooter on the way home, the cool breeze whipped gently round my face, as I pressed it gently into his back. Vince steered the machine along the bumpy road and back to Sunshine.

Our last drink of the evening enjoyed whilst sitting at Easy Bar. We lounged on floor cushions, placed in flickering candlelight on the beachside decking, as the tide lapped the coral strewn shoreline. The taste of sweet bourbon, trickled down my throat, as I sipped and reveled in the delight of staying on this little island, which seems to have taken a piece of my soul, under a sky full of stars and the sultry sound of reggae, singing out from the sound  system.

What a wonderful end to an evening.

Which food would you like to try?

I’d love to know your thoughts…

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