Inspired by reading The Kon-Tiki Expedition and with a deep love of the great outdoors, Janice always desired to travel to Oceania & the South Pacific; especially New Zealand, in her youth.

Life throwing the curve balls it does, has meant that it has not been until reaching her forties, that she finally achieved her dream of travelling around Oceania and Australasia.

Travelling extensively, has enabled Janice to build a travel writing career – establishing within an interest in both scuba diving and street food in the places she visits. A deep desire burns within, to eventually build, run and live with her husband, in their very own Bespoke TentVillage in NZ.

“I’ve always wanted to help empower others to enjoy and fulfill their own lives, as much as I have chosen to empower myself through emotional, intellectual and experiential education over the years. Travelling and writing about my experiences, I hope will encourage others to step out and step into the world, visiting the places they have always wanted to go.
To inform, educate and inspire are my three main desires for the reader”

11 thoughts on “Bio

  1. So glad I found your blog! Loving it, heading to Cairns in June, and I haven’t been back there since 2004! As an Aussie specialist, and advice as where to stay or what to do with a kiddo? Thank you!


    1. Hi Laura,
      I suppose the first thing I would ask is ‘How old is your child?’ That plays a big factor in what I would suggest. Personally, I think that is a great time to visit as a Tourist, because it is outside the Aussie school holidays. They kick in at the end of June(if my sources are correct). When we visited the Great Barrier Reef, we were unable to travel outside as we made our way there. Our kids were disappointed and none of us were that interested in being indoors. We love being outside. There is a closer island (which I personally haven’t been to) Green Island around 45 minutes away. Here there is fish feeding – great fun for the kids. A glass bottom boat tour is probably great fun with a little one. There is a self guided eco walk around the island (it has a circumference of 1.6km) which you can download from – so you can get out and explore yourself.
      Kuranda is another great one. We chose to drive – the scenery was amazing but you can take the Skyrail,(although it is closed at certain times in June) or railway. Which I think is great fun with the kids because they can move around a little more. The Venom Zoo was only small but we loved being shown round and educated about the venomous creatures in Oz. If something a bit quieter is wanted there is also a Butterfly Sanctuary, Birdworld and Koala Gardens. I love the nature in Australia, so you are more likely to find me exploring the rainforests and wandering along the foreshore than visiting somewhere like Sugarworld Water Park which is 20 minutes away from Cairns.
      Hope that is some help!


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