Paris. Discover the Truth

“I think the lasting memory I will hold of Paris – has more to do with what I didn’t see, rather than what I did.”Paris

As much as I enjoyed resting my gaze upon, such magnificent architectural marvels as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. There is definitely far more to uncover, as well as many tourist attractions worth a look. The Catacombes of Paris, are somewhere I would like to check out and I would love another chance to learn the tango in Paris, in the garden Tino Rossi on the banks of the Seine and close to Notre Dame-on a sultry summer evening. (Lessons are free if you turn up between 7 &8 pm.) Or how about a visit to the Paris Sewer Museum. These are still on my list.

I think it takes more than one visit to discover the truth about this femme fatale of a city. I don’t think I’ve got there yet. My impression of the Paris I want to know, is that it lies behind the large wooden doors, frequently dotted between the shops, as you walk along its cobbled streets. As you can see from this photograph above – I was able to catch a glimpse at something which I think is extremely special. I caught a slight glimpse into a Parisian courtyard garden.

Courtyard gardens of Paris

Photo from pinterest-found on

Courtyard gardens

Maybe I will only ever discover the truth by enjoying the luxury of a stay at one of the boutique hotels on offer in the city like The Relais-Christine.  Whom holds their own secret garden for hotel guests. Or booking an apartment to rent, with an assurance that I will find the solitary secret space, which quenches my desire for its solitude.

5 Hotels in Paris

Discover the truth

I walked away from this city, thinking I would never like to visit again but it has been the lure of the secret spaces – the desire to find out more about parisian life and my inherent need, I think now, to encounter life like a local in the places I visit. I want to know more about the cuisine(all of which we had was very good), the Parisian way of living – the food available to buy and the markets open to visit.

For Vince and I, it was  an interesting place to visit to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. For some whimsical reason, I see myself standing atop the Eiffel Tower on christmas day. I think I have found another winter destination to add to my list.

Have you discovered the courtyard gardens of Paris?

If so, I’d love to know your thoughts…

2 thoughts on “Paris. Discover the Truth

  1. Paris is a city that requires probably a life time to discover everything, or at least almost everything. Its an amazing city, full of history and culture. I really enjoyed these last 2 posts of yours… I always appreciate reading about Paris 🙂


  2. Hi Allane,
    Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed them. I was really surprised how visiting Paris had me focusing on what I enjoy in life-what is important to me and the things I want to see. Add to that being able to share this wonderful place and my experiences with the world, is truly a pleasure and a joy.


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