San Blas – An All-inclusive Indulgence

rain on tenerife

It hadn’t rained this hard in Tenerife for decades, we were informed by the local newspaper as we observed the torrential downpour outside our window. Our desire for a short and sunny break was turning out to be a little different to what we thought it would, but nothing was going to deter our spirits at spending a little time together, for the first time properly alone in 18 years.

Did we let the weather dampen our spirits during our stay? No. This trip was all about a little self indulgence. Our christmas present to ourselves. Yet at any time of the year San Blas would be a fantastic place to stay. For a post christmas break, it would be wonderful. A way of getting over the festive season and allowing yourself to relax – even pamper yourself in the Sandos Spa

Sandos Resort. All inclusive

Instead we decided to fully indulge ourselves during the pre-christmas break, for just a short time. Making the most of what the resort had on offer to ensure our downtime was exactly that. Deciding we’re worth it!

Taking a little time to relax and allow ourselves and our needs to be taken care of by the attentive staff of the resort.

On our first night at the restaurant – Antonio, the restaurant manager showed me round the food islands, explaining where everything was and offering his assistance, if we should need it. I fell in love with the salads on offer and the fresh crusty canarian bread available. The international cuisine was complemented by traditional canarian food, which was well represented during our stay.

Sandos Resorts

Our table well-laid, as soon as we arrived a waiter would appear, offering us red, white or rose wine. The white wine, I found particularly appealing. Nice and dry for my palette – red for Vince. Bottles of water were readily available and the staff courteous and unintrusive, yet quick to clear dirty plates and offer wine refills.

Sandos Resorts

The desserts on offer, were plentiful and delicious. From miniature custard tarts, chocolate brownies, strawberry cheesecake and ice cream, to local cheeses and biscuits. There was something for everyone.

Casting an eye over my full plate a fellow guest decided to comment. ” A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Not his place to say but did I care-no. I responded,”my hips can hold it. They were made for desserts like these.” I made sure I enjoyed every indulgent moment, tasting each on offer individually. Yum!

San BlasThe balcony in the bar overlooking the resort and the crashing Atlantic ocean, was a place of calm and repose. The inclusive drinks included bourbon to suit Vinnie and mojitos – my newly acquired liking since setting up a street food business. A drop of port warmed the cool of the day and there were soft drinks and coffee/tea on offer if you so desired.

Both Vince and I really enjoyed the hospitality, making the most of the warmth of the weather, even if the rains came. A dip in the heated pool enjoyed and the opportunity to step out of the resort and onto the stone filled beach just a moment away, appreciated.


The most important thing about this all-inclusive break was that it included us and nothing was too much bother for the staff and management during our stay. I for one will be including San Blas again as a place to stay, the next time I visit Tenerife.

Where have you been, that you’d like to stay a second time?

I’d love to know your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “San Blas – An All-inclusive Indulgence

  1. Wonderful – As I reply, it’s teatime here in the UK. I’m sitting next to my christmas tree with a glass of white wine, with pan fried tuna and butter beans and a side of new potatoes on offer for dinner. Not quite the same as San Blas, but no less lovely. Thanks for your comment.


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