Escape the problem – by BEING the solution

So, the kids are growing up and you want to travel, life before now has been about providing a secure base – keeping steady and putting the family first.

Suddenly the home you thought you would live in forever, no longer seems appealing, as you realise that to stay in one place means another 35 years of walking up the same road, parking in the same spot and looking out of your window seeing the same scene.

A re-orientation is upon you.

How DO you balance out being a parent of teens and doing what you want with your life, as they grow older and you do too?


 Step 1. Work out your priorities

Step 2. Once you know what your priorities are, create your plans with them to mind.

Step 3. Does what you are doing FEEL right and if so, on what level – check it out?

Step 4. Keep reflecting on your actions, are they beneficial to your priorities. If NOT and if possible – change them. If not, accept the situation you are in and wait until you CAN change it – delay that damn gratification, you’re an adult, you can handle it.

Step 5. Listen to what your kids are saying, but also observe what they aren’t!

Escaping a problem involves you being the solution… what do you need to solve?


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