Experience a Personalised City Tour of Barcelona

Victoria Martinez

It wasn’t until I met up with Victoria Martinez  – Owner of BarcelonaShoppingScouts.com did I realise that even in my attempts to not attract attention to the fact that I’m a tourist, did I actually stand out ‘like a sore thumb’ to use the english expression. On my first lone trip abroad in 48 years. Continue reading

Barcelona Tapas – An Authentic Taste of Spanish Cuisine

Meeting up with Victoria Martinez from BarcelonaShoppingScouts.com and her taking me out for some superb tapas was one of the most enjoyable times spent during my short city break in Barcelona. Victoria shared with me many delights of the city (I’ll be telling you more about these tomorrow) but none so exquisite as the culinary exploration of tapas, I was able to enjoy in her company during my time there as a solo female traveller.

Salad with Ventresca de Atun


From the belly of the tuna (ventresca) has a far more intense, fine and delicate flavour than other cuts of tuna. Continue reading


The Joy is in the Connection – Postcards from the Edge

Receiving a hand written postcard, from Blogger Jayne Gorman of Girl Tweets World, led me to thinking about how we engage and interact with those we love, whilst away from the UK. The thoughtfulness of her handwriting a postcard to me – for no other reason than to share her appreciation of my time taken, in commenting on her blog, was a lovely gift to hold in my hand. Continue reading