In Honour of the Fallen

Military Cemeteries

It’s funny how some days you plan to go to a certain place to visit and in the process, find somewhere else, that you had no clue was there.

This was what happened to Vince and me yesterday. Visiting Cambridge for work purposes and deciding to spend some time in the historic university town on our way home. We exited at junction 13 of the M11 to arrive at our destination close by. Imagine our surprise as we turned the bend and into sight came The Cambridge American Cemetery. Continue reading

Would You Like to Become a Shark Advocate?

Have you ever wondered if Sharks make friends?

Why not ask one Woman inspirational zone – Jillian Morris (who has just finished a 24 day shoot working with the BBC. ) Jillian is an Underwater Videographer, Marine Biologist, Scuba Instructor and Shark Advocate. Living on Bimini Island, home to the world famous Bimini Sharklab.

Jillian Morris

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How to Take Part in Marine Conservation as a Citizen Scientist

Have you heard the expression ‘Citizen Scientist,’ before?

Recently I’ve been speaking to Jillian Morris Brake – who is a a freelance Underwater Videographer. Founder and Director of a non-profit organisation called Sharks4Kids about what she teaches, which helps create the next generation of shark advocates through her educational program. (Watch this space for more on Sharks4Kids)

Now, I love jellyfish.

They are my favourite marine creature. My preference as always, will be to see them pulsating in the ocean or hearing about the pain tingling encounters had by unsuspecting swimmers, as they bump into them, whilst in australian waters.

When speaking to Jillian, I shared this piece of information with her. Letting her know that although I prefer to see them alive, I always search the beach where I walk, in my home town of Southend on Sea, to count the numbers of stranded jellyfish.

“Cool, you’re a Citizen Scientist.” Was her response.

I didn’t have a clue what Jillian was talking about  and asked her what she meant.  “A Citizen Scientist is a member of the public who joins in with scientific research in some way. Just like you’re doing.” Suddenly I felt proud for doing ‘my bit.’

Southend marine life

Once this is done, I then report my findings of the moon shaped Aurelia Aurita, or the blue bell of the Cyanea Lamarckii(or any other, I’m lucky to find) to the Marine Conservation Society using their Report Your Sightings  page. There is also a print off guide, which is great for kids of all ages.  Enabling them to help with the identification and type.

You can Join in on an underwater survey, if you scuba dive. Or let them know about the alien species you find as you walk our shores. Basking sharks sighting and yes we also have turtles visiting the UK. The turtle code is on the marine conservation website. All are downloadable.

  • Top Tip. A great way to entertain the kids during the summer holidays is to get them involved and help organise a beach clean up with the MCS. 

What marine creature is your favourite and do fancy becoming a Citizen Scientist too?

If so, as always.

I’d love to know your thoughts…


The Importance of Reflecting on Your Goals

Reflecting on your goals

Reflecting on your goals and the progress (or lack of it) you have made. For me is one of the most important tasks you can achieve when attempting to design and create your own life. Continue reading