The Point of Travel

I thought I would share this wonderful video from The School of Life. Developing your emotional intelligence is one of the best ways to grow and enables you to become more conscious of the choices you make over a lifetime and how/why, you interact with people in the way you do. It benefits not just you but those you are in relationship with. A win/win in my book.

I still believe in the divine power of journeys and I know on looking back over mine, many of the moments I have taken myself away have been times to heal my hurts – a time to see something wonderful, beautiful or jaw droppingly amazing.


I know when I visit New Zealand, I reconnect with me on a deep level and the fact that there are so few people, allows my mind to expand into the space provided and absorb into nature. It enables me to feel calm, relaxed. At peace with myself.

New Zealand


Here at Travel with the Strings, the combination of my travel experience, intertwined with the wisdom and development of my professional, empathic understanding. Utilising socratic questioning and active listening skills, allows me to assist those 40+independent travellers, longing to take time out of society and engage  with themselves but don’t really know how to plan it or where to go. Possibly because they haven’t done anything like it for so long or ever!

Sometimes the further you get away from your own country and culture, the freer you become. Travel truly is the best therapy from my point of view and being a therapist, I’ve tried a few different types!

Where have you been or would like to go, to build inner enrichment and excite yourself with your surroundings?


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