A Soaring Sunday in London at the SkyGarden

£2.50 was all it cost to park, two minutes away from the Tower of London – one of the wonderful visitor attractions nestled next to the River Thames.

LondonA couple of weeks ago, I dragged my husband into London and arrived at the SkyGarden at 20 Fenchurch Street, a couple of minutes after our entry time and was told on showing my ticket to the attendant (which had been booked online) that it was the wrong day. We were two weeks early!


So this morning, I double checked my tickets and the time as the clocks have now gone back in the UK. I hadn’t bothered to sort out parking last time and it became a bit of a nightmare to find somewhere, adding to the stress of driving through the ongoing roadworks. I had looked forward to visiting here for some time, interested what I was going to find. So this time, I decided we would arrange where to park before we left, to make the trip run smoothly. Searching online I found the Tower Hill car & coach park, which is City of London owned-it couldn’t be pre-booked and I discovered that it would only cost £2.50 to park all day on a Sunday and bank holidays – after 1.30pm on a saturday and after 7pm in the week. When we arrived at 11.15am, there were plenty of spaces to be found on entry.

£2.50 to park in London for the day.  I nearly choked on my tea!

Traffic was kind and the Tower Hill car park well signed and easy to find. Once parked, Vin and me walked to the SkyGarden, which was a ten minute stroll away, through quaint London streets full of architectural wonders new and old.


The SkyGarden is a great place to visit, to gain a 360° fantastic view of the sweeping vista which is London and a great view of the Shard and Canary Wharf. Entry is free. It is open 7 days a week. You need to book online and bring photographic proof of who you are. I took my passport. Be prepared to gain entry through airport style security. Your bags will be x-rayed. It is easier to gain a weekday ticket quickly, than a weekend. Tickets are released three weeks in advance and can be booked up to one hour before entry. Combine it with a visit to the Tower of London or a trip along the Thames from Millennium Pier and you have a fantastic day out. With cheap parking. Alternatively Tower Hill tube and Fenchurch Street Station are close by.

If you’re like me and love to wander the streets of London to see what you find –  you can explore the little walk-throughs and enjoy the names of the roads. Allowing them to bring to life the history of the city. This is London after all!


A minus to the SkyGarden is the glass barrier, on the outside terrace – not very good for photographs I’m afraid but obviously great for stopping people from falling off. I was hoping for more plants, yet seeing the New Zealand ferns brought a smile to my face. I think a visit here is definitely worth the 35 second lift ride (yep, that’s all it took to travel up that many floors) for the panoramic view. Fenchurch restaurant and Darwin’s Brasserie looked nice and it must be lovely to watch a summer london sunset, over a glass of dry white wine.


Spotting both new and old landmarks, as you gaze across the water and city streets is a bit like playing ‘Where’s Wally,’ as you slowly pick out St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben in the distance, the Millennium wheel and the BT tower amongst the grey buildings. I was hunting for any  rooftop beehives. A new interest of mine.


Have you visited the SkyGarden or do you know of other reasonably priced car parks in the heart of London?


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