Travel Products to make you go… Boom!

“There is no such thing as a prime of life.” Cindy Joseph

Did you know there is a pro-age revolution going on and at its heart is Cindy Joseph. Founder of Boom, organic cosmetic range?

So many times I have read about anti-aging products. Now, I personally don’t believe there are cosmetics to stop us aging but I do believe we can help ourselves and our skin as we age, with the products we use. This is when I discovered Boom. It immediately reminded me of my husband – who uses this saying on a daily basis and I loved the fact that the products from Boom come in handy travel sizes. So they can be taken in your carry-on, when you fly!

Cindy Jospeh

With massive amounts of customers in the UK – their second biggest market and only 5 years old. Boom is growing but is not some massive corporate conglomerate but a family run business which offers tailor-made Boomsticks for the environmentally conscious woman. Feeling my interest deepen, I decided to find out a little more and try Boom products for myself.

The trio of Boomsticks come packaged in their own little drawstring bag. Which is really handy to keep them altogether. I have tucked the Glimmer stick in the pocket of my jeans on a night out, so I can reapply it easily – I’ve highlighted my cheek bones and shoulder-blade area to give them a sexy glimmery sheen. Also lightly along my jawline for accentuation purposes. The Boomstick Glo will be really handy on an aeroplane when I want to refresh my skin. Although I wasn’t overkeen on BoomStick Colour – which is more of a subtle pinky red when applied – I think this is because I have quite high colouring anyway. The trio of Boomsticks may very well be all you need when travelling, especially for short trips and if you want to enhance and bring out your natural beauty. The Boomstick Glo I also use as a lip salve.

  • No Animal Testing

  • No Parabens or Phthalates

Cindy Joseph

The product I have really enjoyed is BoomSilk  moisturizer, which is handmade by beekeepers in Hawaii. Its ingredients include extra virgin olive oil (which I think it smells of, when initially applied) beeswax and Pupukea wildflower honey amongst others.

“One Body. One Product.”

Cindy Joseph

The moisturizer on first application can seem a little oily but trust the product. What I found as I used it, was that a little goes a long way and it doesn’t remain oily and is not greasy but creates a healthy sheen to the skin once applied. Now, I know Boom is creating another moisturizer for those customers who find this a little heavy for the face but I didn’t. I loved it. For my skin which can be a little dry on my forehead, greasier on my nose but pretty normal everywhere else, its been fine. 

The BoomTouch which is a sensual lubricant and handy for post menopausal women, where vaginal dryness can be a problem. I haven’t yet tested – apart from on my hands. Its texture is more of a mousse. BoomTouch is the same as the moisturizer but without honey. I’ll probably use it all over my body.

“Let me ask some questions here. Who decided wrinkles were a bad thing anyway? How about celebrating your age and wearing it proudly? How about being an example for younger women and taking on a positive, happy, healthy attitude towards yourself and aging? Would we have benefited witnessing women older than ourselves celebrating themselves? Aren’t we over 30 years old a larger percentage of life than we are under 30?” Cindy Joseph. Boom.

Cindy Joseph



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