How Travel Taught Me to Love My Body

It was time to disconnect – just for a while. That’s what I told myself back in 2007 when we left the UK to travel the globe with my family. It was time – it was way, way past time and I learnt so much in the process and one of the many things I learnt was how to love my body.


Being a voluptuous kind of gal – I’ve had a few hang ups in my time. I will admit I can be a tad sensitive if someone addresses my voluptuousness directly. But it does depend on how its done, yet what I learnt whilst away and what I reconnect with on a very regular basis now, is this knowledge that travel has given me.



Reconnecting with the deep love I feel for myself, happened whilst I was away and it is really healthy and in no way narcissistic. Believe me – I’d know. Somewhere deep inside, that counselling training would kick in and tell me what was what!

I experienced being treated badly for my size in Thailand – which wasn’t nice. In Fiji I observed amazon sized women all around me and in Australia easily found clothes to fit a 14 – 16. Listening and following the trends of fashion and eating (thinking how everyone is Protein mad at the moment) can cause a person to become hung up on wearing the right things and eating what trends dictate is the right food. Yet I learnt through travel that many different countries eat in many different ways – and I needed to find the right way of eating for me and not being so hard on myself when I thought I’d failed.



I learnt that being mentally and physically stimulated, doing something you love, is the best diet you can go on.

Yes – Happiness is the best diet you can go on sometimes!

I learnt that it is much better to being doing something you enjoy and keeping active with it, than trying all the diets on the planet – both brain and body have to be stimulated and I learnt the more I enjoyed my own company, did what I wanted and spent constructive time enjoying my freedom, alongside my family – the less I thought about my body image and the more confident I became.

One of my loves is travel… that’s where I connect with me.

As I grow older, I find myself becoming more confident in my mind, my experiences as well as in my body. I know what I want – what I’m trying to achieve and the difficulties which arise in making this happen. I have a good emotional intelligence which guides me wisely (most of the time) in society and during travel. It makes you trust yourself.

Age in itself, is surprisingly freeing me up from the concerns of youth. Each wrinkle, each line, tells me something about myself and my life. It lets me know what is going on. I don’t yearn to be younger. I just yearn to relax. Life is funny that way sometimes.

What do you connect with  –  what issues do you have. What inspires you to be ok with yourself.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts…



3 thoughts on “How Travel Taught Me to Love My Body

  1. Nice post! Traveling and leading an active life also allows you to love your body for what it lets you do rather than how it looks I think. And as you say, with age and perspective and all the things you’ve seen and experienced, physical appearance becomes much less of a focus and concern – I’ve experienced the same!


    1. Hi Camille, thanks for posting! 🙂
      Travel changes the way you look at the world because of the different interactions you have with it – I think anyway. Would love to be permanently on the road but with a family, different priorities have to take precedence sometimes. I see your in Koh Pha Nang. Never been myself but love Koh Tao. I’ve been there 3 times…


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