This Must Be Underwater Love…

My recent visit to the shop Simply Scuba in Kent, has left me with a lingering desire to dip my head underneath the waves and once again go scuba diving.

What it has also reminded me of, is my unswerving desire to ensure I experience excellent customer service at the resorts I dive with. This has become more of a requirement now I’m in my forties and rapidly moving my way towards the best years of my life. (the 50’s)

Scuba Dive Ibiza

The best Customer Service I have experienced was with Scuba Ibiza – from start to finish they communicated effectively and eloquently where we would be diving and what would be happening. Clarifying all details along the way. Providing ample, safe storage for our belongings. Fresh large towels for our return and hot showers to finish off with.

Sunshine Divers – a budget resort on the gorgeous island of Koh Tao offer a great, friendly service. The scuba diving which I personally find more suitable for the younger divers who are training, as opposed to an older more nervous diver wanting to relax, doesn’t detract from the love I feel for the place. They are always helpful and polite. There is something about this little island & Sunshine which makes you want to return!


Scuba Diving

The last time I scuba dived there, on our return I had to trust one of the strong boat hands to pull me up, as I leapt from the side of the boat to shore. At 20 this wouldn’t have bothered me the slightest. At 47, it was a bit trickier, considering I didn’t do anything like this on a regular basis.


Diving on the Great Barrier Reef was one of my favourite places in the world to dive. I’d wanted to visit since I was a child and to finally experience finning under the big blue, had me grinning from ear to ear. Although the next time I visit, I will do my best to find a charter or small dive company which takes you out. Because of the sheer volume of people the trips cater to. Our boat was not full but at points it all became a bit too cramped in the water.

Tenerife is a place which has guided me back to its shores twice now. Both times with an intention to climb Mount Teide and both times having this want thwarted! The colour of the Atlantic water surrounding the island such a different shade of blue to the emerald waters of Koh Tao.

Scuba Diving Tenerife

I nearly dipped my shoulders into the cold waters of Cable Bay in New Zealand but it has taken me a lot of courage to learn to dive. Something which I am so pleased I have done and hope to continue for as long as possible. The conditions were not right for me here. I did not enjoy the dive company we went out with. They seemed more interested in playing loud music and showing us how fast the boat went, as opposed to making sure we were comfortable and ready. One redeeming feature was the fact they caught a couple of crayfish so we could have them for dinner and this was very nice of them. So you see, for me, customer service is paramount. My background as a Counsellor and my life has very much focused on building relationships and teaching others to do so. This is important to me – how about you?

Great Barrier Reef

I know one of the next dives I would like to do – is with the Hammerhead Sharks in Bimini. Jillian Morris – an underwater videographer and shark advocate, whose work was recently featured on the BBC documentary sharks, I’d love to go out with her. So, this must be underwater love.

I’m definitely counting the bubbles till the next time!

Jillian Morris

* Thanks to Chloe Stringer for the use of her underwater Koh Tao Photos.

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