Would You Like to Go Beyond…

Travel with the Strings is always on the lookout for companies or businesses, who offer something a little different to the norm but which fits within our eclectic, individualistic ideals, to share with you all.

Jon Olafur Magnusson

Great customer service and building understanding, interpersonal relationships, lay a strong foundation for a healthy business, I believe. So when I came upon The Beyond Travel Company, I felt excited to discover a travel studio whom offered services and products, which fit with this ideal. Yet provides an innovative service, filling a gap left by traditional  luxury travel agents.

This week, I was fortunate enough to interview Jessica Hargreaves. Co-Owner with Catherine Gallagher of The Beyond Travel Company and owners of Handpicked Holidays, about their collection of new, bohemian, rough luxe travel products and was intrigued to understand a little more about the thinking behind them. So thought I would share with you, all what I’ve discovered.

We call our experiences ‘Bohemian Luxury Adventures’, some are more indulgent, some more epic, all are world-class.  The Beyond Travel Company.

Beyond initially meet up with their clients, in an informal get to know session.  Finding out if they have a travel bucket list – the kind of things they like to do. Where they would like to visit and where they have been before. Their desire is to offer authentic, incredible experiences. What they also do, throughout this process is to clarify what will be happening on the trip and checking out the understanding of the client in relation to this. Jessica told me ‘5* in the Caribbean is not necessarily the same as 5* somewhere else.’ The Clients need to know what they are paying for – so there is no misunderstanding or disappointment. Many of the high-end customers find it difficult to build into their time, something as magnificent as a Beyond trip, but this is all part of the excellent customer service which Beyond offers. One client, whom they worked with previously, had always dreamed of snowboarding from one end of New Zealand to the other. Working with Beyond travel studio, enabled this client to bring his dream to life.


The intention of Beyond is to offer 30 products, which sit within 11 categories. 7 have been released already and the rest will be available by the end of August.

Beyond Travel

Oceans, Stars & Kasbahs; A Moroccan Grand journey (Nomad, Revelry, Ceremonial) sounded interesting to me. I’ve been reading a few great things about Morocco recently and whilst talking to Jessica, she spoke about her love of Africa-the warmth and heart shown to her by the Moroccan people, when she has visited on previous journeys and how this is the closest you can get to an African country, in the shortest distance, when travelling from the UK. I have a desire to visit the Atlas mountains and spend time under the stars in the desert – so this would match my requirements, no doubt.

All of the ethical,conscious tourism  trips offered by Beyond, raise funds for charities within the locations visited, whether or not they are part of ‘Paradise’ which offers bohemian beach bliss or even ‘Remote Retreats,’ which take you into the wild and back to yourself. If you’re ready to treat yourself to something amazing, why not sign up to the Mailing list, so you too can travel beyond…


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