A Classic Car Drive & Lobster Lunch in St Andrews

“They’re Women!”

Were the first words I heard uttered. Which had me giggling, as our people carrier pulled up across from the blustery beach of St Andrews Bay. I had began to look forward to our classic car drive and lobster lunch. Having been told the lobster was very good at the bay facing restaurant, we would be lunching at on our return.

Lobster Lunch

Driving a classic car had never been on my bucket list. So I was interested to see how I felt during this experience and also fascinated to visit St Andrews – the home of the 2015 Open Golf Championships.

Classic Car I purveyed the fleet of cars provided by Caledonian Classic Car Hire, parked in front  of me. Just across the road from the Golf Club. A Triumph Stag, MK11 Jaguar, MGB  Roadstar, Triumph TR6 & Austin Healey.

A long, creamy white nose attracted me. As did the registration date of 1966 – the year of my birth. Already I felt myself pulled towards the attractive Austin Healey. I paired up with Ellie – a journalist also on this press trip. Enjoying many #brilliantmoments as guests of Visit Scotland & Scotrail. I had tried more things in  this one weekend than in the last couple of months: A Visit, meal and private performance from the winner of The Voice 2015 at Glamis Castle. A Luxury Bed & Breakfast in the Scottish Highlands I was having an amazing time.

 Although normally I would enjoy getting to know an area and the people more slowly – our travels were really giving me an insight into what fun packed activities I could do and places I could visit, on a long weekend in Scotland. St Andrews only 40 minutes away from Edinburgh.

Lobster lunch

Caledonian Classic Car hire offers a selection of packages and tariffs: A One Day Weekend Car Hire of the Austin Healey costs £250.   We had ours for a couple of hours. A drive up the Fife Coastal Road through the fishing village of Crail to Anstruther was to be our treat to build up a healthy appetite.

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience – once I had managed to slide behind the wheel and get used to the small space. Luckily I had no problem with reaching the peddles! The steering a lot lighter than I was expecting – only my 3 point turn to leave Anstruther car park took a little effort. Ellie driving here and I was driving back. Watching her drive and listening to the sound of the engine, had left me feeling excited by my opportunity to get behind the wheel and she was a joy to drive – with a low guttural growl, I changed gear on the open road. The physicalness needed to do this, not lost on me. I enjoyed the engagement of bringing together body and car – working as one on the bends and twists. Until, on reentering the town of St Andrews, the traffic slowed us down. I made the most of admiring glances given by passers-by. Revving the engine at the lights and zebra crossings-receiving thumbs ups from gents as they bent their heads to look in. I realised that if a Woman was looking for a Man – having this car would definitely start conversations.

Classic Car

Parking her, I felt a reluctance to leave her. I ran my finger down her long bonnet – a lingering goodbye. Suddenly I could see the charm in owning a car such as this. She had given me a taste for classic cars. An appetite I hoped to wet in the future.

Lobster Lunch

For now, I made the most of the fact that it was my growling belly which needed feeding. We made our way to The Seafood Restaurant – just up the road. A glass box of a restaurant perched on the rocks of St Andrews Bay, on the North Sea.


I decided to try Sashimi (a Japanese delicacy of very raw fish sliced in thin pieces). Fresh sea bream, tuna, salmon. Served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and (a very strong) wasabi. Made my eyes water! The sea bream tasted sweet. I really enjoyed it. Followed by juicy lobster with samphire and new potatoes. Our table was closer to the door, my advice on booking – ask to be sat closer to the sea. It will add to the enjoyment of your meal.

Call for a table: 01334 479475

Classic Car

I decided to take a stroll along the windy beach after my meal to help with digestion. Parking is close by and it must be wonderful in the windswept weather of the winter. I know that would be the time I would enjoy it here most.

Maybe that will be the time, I’ll make my return. Grab the opportunity to enjoy a classic car drive and gobble up another lobster lunch in St Andrews!


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