Kinnaird Estate – A Luxe B&B in the Scottish Highlands

Staring out of the dining room window as dusk began to settle, my observation of Ben-y-Vraike mountain began to take on a mystical experience. As night descended, so did the clouds. Yet these clouds seemed to manipulate the paint palate which made up the Scottish Highlands. As if having brush in hand – it  layered ethereal colours onto canvas, in hues of mauve. The depth and tone changing constantly. I sat cross-legged in front of the large, wide windows. Enthralled by what I was seeing. Shannon the Guest House Manager told me later, when I spoke to her about the experience. “The mountain speaks to you.” It did.

Scottish Highlands

I felt a desire to express through abstract painting what I saw. My latest manuscript, which I’ve been struggling to write, soared upwards like phoenix in my belly. Plopping words into my mouth and filling me with the desire to explode them onto paper. Like raindrops onto grass. Alas, I did not have the time or the opportunity.

Scottish Highlands

Bed & Breakfast Rates

Rates for bed & breakfast are based on two people in a bedroom

Rates from 1st April 2014

Double Rooms are £140.00 per night.

Deluxe Double Rooms are £160.00 per night.

The Suite is £180.00 per night

Scottish Highlands

I had arrived at Kinnaird Estate by helicopter a short while earlier – after a visit to Glamis Castle – childhood home of the Queen Mother. Walking up the lane towards the house I felt overwhelmingly lucky, to be spending the rest of my weekend in the luxe B&B of Kinnaird Estate.

Kinnaird Estate

Scottish highlandsMy one night stay consisted of bed and breakfast the next morning, with fantastic  estate views and the evening before spent playing a scandalous and unfortunate form of  billiards on the huge table available. There is something homely and warm about it. Shoes were off very quickly.

There are many places to find privacy indoors and a mix of magazines and books  available for you to curl up with. As well as umbrellas available for any wet walks  you may want  to take. The grounds are incredibly inviting and there is clay pigeon shooting available. Which I will tell you more about in my next post. Fly fishing on the River Tay, which is Scotland’s largest and best known salmon river and runs through Kinnaird estate. It also comprises of 2 miles of double bank prime fly  fishing.

 Situated just off the A9 in Pitlochry, Kinnaird Estate is 1.40 mins drive from Edinburgh. A mere 20 minute helicopter ride from Glamis Castle. 2 hours from Inverness & 1.30 mins from Glasgow. A train can be taken to Dunkeld but a car is needed to explore the area. (There is a car hire shop in the town.)

There are seven bedrooms and one suite. Also on the estate, if you prefer, are 5 self catering cottages and farmhouses. Privacy is easy to come by here. As is the creative spirit.

Scottish Highlands

**Thanks to the Scotrail & Visit Scotland for inviting me on this trip. All thoughts and opinions  expressed in these posts are my own.

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