Wild Scottish Venison – A Low Fat Healthy Gift for the Meat Lover

Wild Venison

A delicious smokey taste lingered in the back of my mouth, as I bit into a small slice of Wild Venison & Pork Chorizo. Cut off from the reasonably priced £3.99 stick. A gift sent to me by Anja. Dutch co-owner of award winning, Great Glen Charcuterie based in the Scottish Highlands.

Wild Venison

I had received the neatly packaged parcel, a few days earlier and had taken great delight in unwrapping its brown paper, string tied body. I felt like a child again receiving a birthday present, full of excitement to find out what was inside.

Once undone, I opened the box the contents arrived in. I found a pack of sustainably sourced, Venison Salami spiced with green peppercorns and a stick of Wild Venison Chorizo. My tastebuds salivated, as I began to wonder what I would choose to cook with them.

All wild venison and pork the Charcuterie uses in its products is locally and sustainably sourced. A real Scottish product produced in the Scottish Highlands.


Breakfast became the first meal of choice to taste Venison. Choosing to create a tortilla, like the one first experienced during my stay at Can Pujolet, on the delectable and surprising island of Ibiza. With a deep love of travel, I felt my desire to visit Scotland, a place so close to my home country of England, pull a little deeper inside. I set about preparing the ingredients for the dish. A handful of sweetcorn, 1 tomato(deseeded and diced), 4 eggs, 2 spring onions, 1 thai chilli. Sadly, I lacked parsley, which would have just finished the dish off.

Wild Venison

The taste of the meat was unexpected – it wasn’t chewy but had an intense smokey flavour which worked really well with the chilli in the dish. It seemed to melt in the mouth and cooked quickly, developing a depth of flavour and colour which was good for both eyes and belly.

Maybe it’s the fact that Venison is high in iron and so low in fat, it is a real healthy eating option (2% fat. Less than skinless chicken.)

Source: Scottish Venison – Deer in education Zone

I wondered what I would cook with the green peppercorn Salami and decided to include it in a homemade pizza. Celebrating  our safe return and enjoyable experience of a trial flying lesson, soaring 1500 feet above the Essex countryside.

 I wondered if it would taste the same as the chorizo? The marked difference I      discovered was in the flavour, no smokiness, just a hint of spice on biting into the  peppercorn but once again it delivered the same melt in the mouth experience as  before. Who knew meat could be this delicious. I knew what I was tasting was of  good quality-that fact shone through.

Wild Venison

A Gift for the Meat Lover

Glen Charcutiere doesn’t just offer tasty, award winning meat for you to try but also serves up some great recipe ideas for their products as well. If you want to share the love, then how about purchasing a Great Glen Charcuterie gift bag worth £25. Full of goodies for the meat lover. With recipe cards, hessian bag, wooden serving platter with a deer leather handle and 4 different products to try. This makes a perfect gift.

**You can buy direct online from Great Glen Charcuterie or check website as they supply farm shops, food halls and delicatessens across the United Kingdom. www.greatglencharcuterie.com. 


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