16 Funny Things My Daughter Said to Me, Growing Up.

QueenstownOne of the many things I have enjoyed about becoming a Mother, is being able to listen to the little gems my daughter came out with when she was younger. The other day Chloe found her notebook which had these 16 funny questions she’d asked us, in them. I asked her if it was ok to publish them because they really made us laugh and showed us the way our sweet daughter’s mind worked things out, as she grew up.

I hope you enjoy them too:

  1. Why do people go to gunpoint, if they keep getting shot there
  2. Is a Letter a Number
  3. What gear is reverse
  4. Have we only got fingerprints on our fingers
  5. Why don’t they ever check peoples toe prints
  6. Does Chilli Con Carne have meat in it
  7. Does vegging out mean you snack on vegetables
  8. Did you know Eamon Holmes is married to his wife
  9. Are Mexicans allowed in Church (Didn’t have a clue where that one came from!)
  10. So, was the world war everywhere
  11. Do I need a passport to get into Wales
  12. Did I tell you about the time someone told me they worked with asbestos and I thought they meant they were a stripper!
  13. Is Wimbledon always played in England
  14. What is Peanut Butter made of
  15. Are we a Father & Son team (to her dad)
  16. How much petrol do you need for a sailboat

If you listen properly to your kids, they say some of the funniest and most amazing things ever.

What have your heard your kids say, which has made you laugh?


2 thoughts on “16 Funny Things My Daughter Said to Me, Growing Up.

  1. I really loved this article and your daughter is truly a gem! My nephew recently asked me where we use algebra in real life and I did not have an answer to that! Kids surely have very imaginative minds!


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