For the Love of Coffee. Kopi Luwak Coffee to be Precise.

For the love of coffee

Vince finally reached 48 years of age on Friday. You’re wondering why I’m so pleased? Well, it’s because I am 7 months older than him-love having him as my toyboy but also thoroughly enjoy it, when he reaches the same age as me, always have done.

After last years shenanigans of Vince having a heart attack just before he turned 47, I thought this birthday was definitely something special and wanted to mark it as such, with gifts for my husband which I knew were special to him. Chloe joined me in the planning and plotting and finally we decided on a couple of different gifts – simple in nature but special to Vinnie.

On our trip to Switzerland previously, the little cabin we stayed in provided us with a stove top Moka Pot – now I don’t know if you’ve seen these before or tried them but they have a wonderfully ingenious way of making the coffee.

For the love of coffee

  • A Moka Pot has 3 sections. The bottom part is where you place the water, when you put the pot on the stove, the middle section is where you place your coffee and the top part is where the freshly brewed coffee is pushed up too, for you to pour into your cup.
  • When the water reaches boiling point-the steam pressure pushes up the water, through the funnel and up into the coffee pot above.
  • It lets you know when it’s nearly empty by making a gurgling noise, this is the point you take it off the stove.

For the love of coffee

The next thing we knew he had always wanted to try was Kopi Luwak coffee – commonly known as Cat Poo coffee!

The coffee beans are eaten by a wild cat which lives in Java in Indonesia  – called a Civet Cat. They pick only the best arabica coffee berries to eat and are very sensitive to the smell and pick only the ripest and sweetest. They then poo out the coffee bean after digesting the berries and on the Kayumas Estate Plantation, the farmers go around and pick up the wild cat’s excrement to find the bean. Of course it’s then cleaned and processed but it is sometimes called the world’s best coffee.

For the love of Coffee

We bought ours online from The Love of Coffee. Delivery was prompt and the packaging was really nice.

50 gms =£13.95

There was also a free gift with the coffee-a bag of dark chocolate covered coffee beans, to eat with a cup of coffee or as a dessert choice. (They were yummy, by the way!)

The other present we gave him, was something I have known him want for a long time.

A Flying Lesson.

I booked ours through £109 for a  one hour (flight time 30 mins) flying lesson in a 4 seater small airplane at Andrewsfield private airfield in Essex. I know Vince has always wanted to fly us to France for lunch, so I hope this may be the start of that coming to fruition.

The company I booked online with was very helpful and prompt in their response to my enquiries. I’ll give you more details about the experience when he’s been on it.

What has been the best birthday present you have received?

As always, I’d loved to know your thoughts…


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