Singapore By Night


The first time I visited Singapore, overwhelmed by heat, humidity (cost of hotel rooms) and the journey our family was on. I walked away thinking I wouldn’t want to visit here again. On our next trip to Australia, our flight was from Singapore. We had taken an internal flight from Malaysia, with Air Asia, to the little country. This meant we had a couple of days to kill. 


I had felt so claustrophobic on our last visit, I wanted to make sure this time that the hotel we stayed at offered value for money, a central location and decent air con!

We were close to the bus routes and our chosen mode of transport was the local buses, wanting to connect with local people and find out what it was like.


We had decided it would be good fun to book ourselves onto the evening tour, of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Which would enable us to see the view from the observation desk and check out the infinity pool. The only way we could do so, unless we were a guest.


The view of Singapore by night from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is magnificent.

Singapore (109)2013

Let me know if you agree…

*Thank to Vince, my husband, for the use of his fantastic photos on this occasion.


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