Food Food Glorious Food

I’m sitting in my dining room with a takeaway menu for a local Indian restaurant. My mind is all about food, what I want to eat, cook and try. So I thought I would share a few of my homemade delicacies with you all.

When my husband and I I first started going out, he would woo me on a Sunday afternoon with baked beans with butter and garlic on toast. He definitely charmed my tastebuds as I had no interest in cooking back then.


When we married I was proud of the continental cuisine in the freezer, in the guise of ready meals. There were evenings when the food would commit suicide under my novice skills and he would come home to the words ‘ Your dinner is in the bin!’

Having my children spurred me on, in the cooking department. I knew that it was important that they eat fresh, home cooked, healthy food. So I learnt to make pasta, fresh bread, pizzas and all the dishes you see below.


I began to enjoy the process and today love food shopping with Vinnie each week. It is part of our relationship with each other, the world and our family.

The bombay potato wraps below and the chilli con carne were part of our menu for our street food business Kitsch Foods.

So my journey with food, started in the ready meal frozen section of the supermarket and became a business for me. I feel so proud of my achievement.

Oh and because I’m hungry, thought I would share these home made delights with you all.

(My daughter tells me I should be selling my homemade pizzas as they are so tasty. Maybe one day!)

Bombay Potato Wraps.

bombay potato wraps (23)


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